Those That Are About to Die (Again)

February 4, 2016 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)



DC’s Legends of Tomorrow cast

I spent a couple of hours yesterday watching the pilot episodes of the new comic book based series on the CW Network, DC’s LEGENGS OF TOMORROW. It’s been a widely anticipated show, gathering together a group of characters introduced on both the CW’s other DC Comics’ based shows, ARROW and THE FLASH. Some previews of the program have given ideas as to what the show will be about, and its overall theme – and many have been blessedly misleading. I’ve come to realize that LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is the Suicide Squad with more gold than glitter, at least at present.


There are many similarities, which intrigue me. Rip Hunter is the equivalent of Amanda Waller, gathering the troops for his supposedly covert mission. He recruits both heroes and villains, and some that straddle the line or have some pressing need to do something for themselves. Sure, the Squad as created by John Ostrander and Kim Yale was more grounded in the “real”, as it were, but what is “real” when it comes to comics? As in the Squad, death isn’t far from anyone, as a member of the show dies fairly early in the story. No spoilers necessary, go watch the show for yourself.

With the upcoming SUICIDE SQUAD movie due out, it makes the TV universe Warner Bros/DC Comics have originated all the more confounding. I’m sure someone in the television division wanted to do a Squad show, as they’ve introduced more than a few members of the comic series in ARROW. I think LEGENDS OF TOMORROW is the compromise and I’m not disappointed.

Now that I’ve seen the first few trailers for the Squad movie, I’m intrigued. The first one I saw actually had me very interested and less bothered by the “Nu52” recreating of some of the characters. As an avid, long time, avowed, die-hard Squad fan since Good ol’ Johnny Ostrander shoved The Wall and her first team into the DC mini-series Legends, (oh, see what they did there?) it ain’t easy for me to see anything but what they designed, as it was so, so good. This last one had me less excited, but that’s just me. I’ll go see it, which will likely have me biting the back of the seat in front of me. I’ll be sure to run a review when I do.


Suicide Squad film cast

That said, I’ve had something on my plate for over a year now. Starting tonight, I intend to re-read the entirety of the Suicide Squad run of John Ostrander and Kim Yale as edited by Bob Greenberger, then later by Dan Raspler. I announced it over on my old ‘blog’ page, A Leaf on the Wind, with a few insights and links. I’ll start with Legends, their introduction after Crisis on Infinite Earths. I don’t intend to stop until I get the whole thing done, though there may be a few breaks in between. I promised I’d do it over a year ago and I never wanted to wait, but life happens. Friday will be the first post, count on it. Maybe we’ll get some commentary from Mr. Greenberger or Mr. Ostrander too, if we’re lucky.


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