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Olde Burnside Brewing Company has been one of Connecticut’s best breweries since the year 2000. Pint O’ Comics fully endorses their excellent beverages.

The Connecticut Festival of Independent Games frequently hosts excellent gatherings of up-and-coming products from all over New England. They even let Pint O’ Comics come and bother all the creators, so we like them.

Sir Jon loves GaryCon, the game convention celebrating a life well played – that of Gary Gygax, the primary mover and shaker behind Dungeons and Dragons. It’s an annual event held in the crucible of role-playing games, Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. You’d like GaryCon, too.

Pint O’ Comics goes to the Bing Comic-Con and you should too. It’s a great one day event that hearkens back to the best of small pop-culture events.

Connecticut Cult Classics shows double features of great genre movies in an old theatre with a marquee that’ll bring you back to an earlier, better time in film. Get tickets early, they tend to sell out.