The Pint Invades: Connecticut Cult Classics

April 22, 2019 Author: John Amenta

Every two months our good friend Larry Dwyer, yes Scary Larry as he is known to Pint listeners and horror fans in Connecticut, throws a party for some like minded film enthusiasts. If you love horror films, weird, no wait weird isn’t weird enough to describe these trailers, totally bizarre trailers and hanging out with a theater full of true characters, Connecticut Cult Classics is for you. Now that we have reiterated how great these events are, especially for $10, let’s talk about the latest double feature that Larry put on this last week, on April 20th.

Nightmare On Germany Street

Freddy Krueger ruled The Strand in Seymour this last Saturday night, as the original and classic A Nightmare On Elm Street was shown to what appeared to be a sold out crowd, as well as one harmless drunk guy who snuck in at the tail end of that film. More on him later. If that was not enough, the lesser loved, yet equally interesting and 100% more flamboyant sequel, Freddy’s Revenge capped off the evening, and for the many fans that left after the first film ended, shame for missing a lot of audience chuckles, and some great dance moves from star Mark Patton. The films were both fun, as I had not seen the first in a few years, and was refreshed at how good and scary it was, and how well it holds up. Heather Langenkamp’s Nancy should get way more credit as a strong female character in cinema, as she berates her quarter shirt wearing boyfriend Glen for dozing off just as quickly as she tackles the murderous and vicious Freddy in a bedroom free for all donnybrook. Nancy is no victim and Langenkamp deserves the same kind of credit that Jamie Lee Curtis often gets for her role as Laurie Strode in Halloween. Wes Craven really put a truly frightening film out 35 years ago and created an icon of terror in child murdering Freddy. The less we talk about the sequels after the admittedly enjoyable third entry and the sudden shift in Freddy’s tone from truly menacing to Catskills level quip comedian the better.

The famous “You’re a pizza now, bitch” line from Part 4 was never said.  Ganache made it up.

As for the second film, we have a whole episode of our podcast with Larry discussing the, let’s just say tone and themes found in it. If you are not familiar, the script and actual film are steeped heavily in gay subtext. Calling it subtext is actually wrong, as it often feels like the creators of the movie were trying harder to fit awkward situations and homosexual easter eggs into this thing than they were trying to make it scary. Have no doubt, this film is way gayer than it is frightening. Funnily enough, despite the fact that the first is truly a horror classic and the second is considered more of a cult curiosity, I have now seen the sequel way more than I have the original in the last few years. I watched it on Hulu last year after reading an article about how it is considered the gayest horror film of all time, and watched it a few months ago in preparation to record the show we did on it. Now within 12 months of that Hulu viewing I have seen it a third time, this one on the big screen. I am not ashamed to admit that although maybe it is a form of Stockholm Syndrome,  I am actually starting to really enjoy this movie. Mark Patton gives a really good performance as a kid coming to grips with his homosexuality. Or that a dream murderer is trying to possess his body, I’m not really sure which it was supposed to be. If you have never seen Freddy’s Revenge, I implore you do so, it is an interesting watch at the very least.

I’m straight as an arrow and even I’m feeling what Grady is putting out.

The Strand was warm that night, with several hundred horror fans in the tiny theater, so someone decided to leave the side door open for air. Around the time that Nancy was Home Aloning (She set up some elaborate shit in like 20 minutes time) her house for a final showdown with Pizzaface McKniveyhands, a gentleman walked past my seat and looked as if he was operating under the effects of a different rate of gravity as everyone else, the sure sign of a person with about 4 Long Island Iced Teas in them. Seconds later he then plopped himself in a rare empty seat. As the film ended I got wind that he was a local who after a few too many cheap beers at favorite Pint watering hole Jimmy’s, must have heard John Saxon’s voice booming thru the rainy southern Connecticut night and drifted into the opened side door, like a cartoon character floating behind the scent trail left by a hot apple pie. No arguments or cops needed though, as he left quietly when asked, and most likely barfed his guts out on the quaint, picturesque streets of Seymour.

Puke Free Since…Oh Goddammit!

Larry had a big night too, and I’d be remiss if I failed to mention it. First off he was only at the show for the beginning and end of the evening, rude right? What kind of damn host takes off and leaves us to fend for ourselves against the dastardly Freddy and the even more dastardly good looks of Elm Street 2 dreamboat Ron Grady? Well, it’s forgiven, as Larry skedaddled to go perform a song in New Haven with the band he helped found, Hatebreed, as they played a show marking their 25th anniversary. Not a band I truly know much of or can claim to be a fan of, but credit given to lead man Jamey Jasta for having folks that were a part of his early and overall success share some time on stage with his current lineup during the home show of a milestone tour. Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons would have told Larry to go blow. Also Jay Piccirillo of Micalizzis Italian Ice in Bridgeport, a local businessman and pillar of the community awarded Larry with the first ever ICE award, bestowed to other people that have given greatly to their communities in one shape or another. Larry really does a service for the horror fans of Connecticut, and I agree that he is overdue for more recognition. It was a great moment to see that live, as you’d be hard pressed to find a nicer or more deserving guy than Larry. Particularly one with a Basket Case tattoo.

Cool As ICE 2: The Next Generation. I really hope people get that Vanilla Ice reference. I’m old.

Overall another great night had at a Cult event, shared with good friends such as The Manster and our old buddy Spielberg, and spending some time with many of the folks that we have gotten close with through these showings. Speaking of The Manster, he has been on an art tear as of late and donated a rad piece for the raffle that is held between films. Next showing is in two more months on June 15th, and if you want to know what it is, click the link in the first paragraph and check it out, you may want to take a trip out to Connecticut and have a good old time.

The Manster draws a Monster

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