The Pint Invades – Connecticut Cult Classics

January 15, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

Well I’ve been holding on to this video for a while, back in December we had the opportunity to bring the camera to Connecticut Cult Classic’s annual holiday event. This year it was “The Power Of Christmas Compels You” and as always it featured 2 classic horror movies, “The Exorcist”, and “The Exorcist 3”, but due to typical holiday hustle and bustle, I didn’t have a chance to get to it until now.

Host Larry Dwyer, and his team always put on a great show, complete with raffle’s, prizes, and fun classic trailers. They take great care in providing a fun, welcoming, and family friendly environment. If you are so inclined, check out the short retrospective I put together for our YouTube Channel

I hope that this inspires you to check out a future show that they put on, generally they run one every other month. The next show (as mentioned in the video) is in February.

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