Of Marks And Men – 12/9/19 RAW

December 9, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

HOLY COW!!!! it’s been a couple of shows since my last blog entry, unfortunately life got in the way, and I was only able to watch the last 30 or so minutes of SMACKDOWN last week.

But we are looking forward, and it’s a new week, and not any week but the “Go-Home” show week for TLC this Sunday!!!! I can’t believe we are only a few days away from another PPV, man these things come fast and furious, Rumble is right around the corner, and then we are well and truly on the march to Wrestlemania 36.

I suppose I would be remiss to not also mention that NWA’s PPV “Into The Fire” is this Saturday, and quite honestly since I’m REALLY enjoying their show, I may purchase it and for only $24.99 on Fite.TV, it’s pretty darn affordable too!!! That price point is something I hope AEW emulates at some point, I’m sorry but $60 is just too damn much for a PPV.

The big news of the week is that the WWE agreed to terms on the the releases of Sin Cara, Konnor and Viktor of the Ascension, and most notably Luke Harper, that’s relatively big news as WWE has been hesitant to do this with the looming threat of AEW.

ACH (or Jordan Myles as he was known in WWE) appears to have fallen off the planet as of late as well, getting into some racially charged issues, and even announcing he was done with wrestling. I honestly don’t know what happened to him, he seemed like such a good dude, and he is a HELL of a performer, so his recent Antonio Brown like issues come as a pretty darn big surprise.

And lastly from what I read, it appears as if WWE is finally stepping in to help Jeff Hardy through his recent Legal / Substance abuse issues. Jeff has long struggled with substance abuse issues, that dude beat the hell out of his body in his 20’s and….well…. pain meds were always going to be an issue for him. I wish him the best, and hope to see him clean, happy, and back in the ring again.

While I’m thinking about it… RAW is coming to the Hartford Civic Center on Dec 30th, and they had some cheapie tickets for $15.00 so I was all “i’m gonna go!!!” but then I see that the service fees PER TICKET were $13.60!!! that’s almost the cost of the ticket!!! FUCK. THAT. NOISE… so I’m not doing it.

8:03 – I can’t believe I’m saying this, but this damn…stupid… ridiculous Lana / Rusev angle has actually WORKED for Rusev, that dude is getting MASSIVE pop every time he shows up now. How the fuck it actually worked is beyond me…

8:06 – Rusev is out here in a DAFFY DUCK shirt!!!! LOL!!! a DAFFY DUCK shirt to sign “divorce papers” LOL

8:12 – Gotta give Lana this, she is doing a great job of gaining heat, she’s committed to the role.

8:19 – I’m going to miss Samoa Joe on commentary when he returns to the ring. The dude is GOOD. Hopefully he transitions to it when his wresting career is over.

8:24 – Love Rey handing Kevin Owens a fucking steel pipe to hunt down AOP, fantastic!!!

8:28 – Nothing that is ever said in WWE is on accident, so when Drew McIntyre says “Broken” in the vicinity of Matt Hardy, you KNOW something is up.

8:40 – Kevin Owens just slapped the shit out of Mojo!!! that was frigging hilarious!!!

8:43 – RAIDERS VS. PROFITS!!!! FUCK YES!!! 100% THIS!!!! I can’t wait for this NXT feud to get rekindled!!! This is how you book a show!!!

8:51 – OK OK OK, I get the fact that the Raiders were always going to win the match, but as long as they succeeded in putting the Profits over as a contender then it was mission accomplished. So Well Done on that front.

9:01 – Kevin is playing this Seth / AOP angle REALLY WELL, he’s getting over even more than normal….. what the hell???…. Sami Zayn now!!!!! and he’s managing Mojo!!??!! I don’t care how they explain it… I love Sami, and any excuse they can use to get him on more T.V. the better.

9:06 – Hilarious segment between Sami / Mojo / and KO.. well written, well performed.

9:13 – OK so I got a bit excited when they just announced Aleister Black and Buddy Murphy at TLC, I was watching anyway but that is an A+ match.

9:18 – They best be putting a belt on Aleister Black in the near future.

9:19 – Ummmm So now we get Andrade V. Carrillo!!! this has been some top notch booking!!! But hear me out on this…. follow me cuz it’s going to blow your mind… Andrade and Carrillo as a TAG TEAM!!! RIGHT!!??!! Vega managing!! dude and dudettes…. that is a WINNING FORMULA!!! WWE, seriously MAKE THAT HAPPEN!!!!

9:30 – Interesting that they are teasing the “Liv Morgan Makeover”, at one point the rumor was she was going to be a devotee (paramour?) of The Fiend, so I’m wondering if that was all B.S. but with this new “Manager” rule…..

9:47 – Buddy Murphy…. Damn… that was a short but BRUTAL match!!!


9:59 – OK Seth just cut a promo for the AGES, it was PERFECTION!!! Blame the crowd… hammer home that it was THEIR FAULT that he had to do this, Basically fed into every Twitter comment he has made for the last couple of months. Damn he NAILED it!!! and we get HEEL SETH!!!! FUCK YES!!!!

10:12 – I really like this Becky / Charlotte “Everything you can do I can do better” thing they have going on. Granted there is NO WAY Becky should beat the champs on her own, but as long as she puts up a good show it will be all good.

10:18 – Well that ending was a bit of a shame, Charlotte at least lost clean, I’m not sure why they have such an issue with Becky losing in a handicap match, but at least she took a big bump at the end to compensate. I don’t think it would have hurt her in any way to put them over clean.

Well Unfortunately I have to go to bed early tonight as I have to bring my truck to the shop early tomorrow morning, so I won’t get to see AJ and Rey go head to head, but I should be in it for the duration on Wednesday. But on the plus side, that’s what DVR’s are for!!! I’ll watch it tomorrow night.

Until Next Time Everyone,

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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