Of Marks And Men – 12/18/19 NXT & AEW

December 18, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Alright everyone, gonna keep this one simple, NXT has a packed lineup, the show OPENS with Finn Balor Vs. Adam Cole for the NXT title, and THEN we get Rhea Ripley Vs. Shayna Baszler for the women’s title!!!! If that isn’t enough to get you excited for tonight I don’t know what will!!

AEW has a hell of a lineup as well!!! leading off are the Lucha Bros Vs. Hangman Page and Kenny Omega, we are also getting Cody and Darby Vs. The Butcher, The Blade and The Bunny, And headlining will be the Bucks Vs. SCU for the Tag belts!!! I have no words for how good this week is. It’s gonna be INTENSE!!!

Oh yeah, and then TOMORROW there is a little movie called “Rise Of Skywalker” that your’s truly will be busy watching at this time!!! LET’S GOOOOOOO!!!!

8:03 – I’ll tell you this, if they end this Balor / Cole match with a UE run in I’m gonna be PISSED!!!! this shit needs to end clean one way or the other. As an aside I love the fact that he’s starting to go by Prince Balor.

8:05 – Pentagon Jr. is the coolest looking Luchador I have ever seen.

8:08 – Balor / Cole has only been going for about 2 minutes and it’s already impressive.

8:12 – Beth Phoenix has gotten SO much better at color these past couple of months, everyone is giving Samoa Joe a lot of credit (that he rightfully deserves) but Beth getting there too!!!

8:21 – I honestly think that Kenny Omega is underutilized in AEW, I can honestly appreciate the fact that there are zero ego’s in AEW, and everyone will always do what’s right, but I just think that he deserves more.

8:25 – GARGANO RETURNS!!!!! but I just wish that there could have been a clean ending to the match, why are they always so damn afraid to have clean endings??? people can LOSE it’s OK!!! as a matter of fact it’s a good thing!!!! It gives depth of character.

8:28 – Damien Priest Vs. Killian Dain…. yeah I don’t care.

8:34 – JR sounds absolutely lost right now, poor dude. Getting wrestlers wrong, missing spots, behind the action, I hate to see one of the best ever decline like this.

8:42 – Fans LOVE Darby, and that was a hell of a match, but I’ll tell you what, it got sloppy AF near the end. Sometimes I think the go for the big spot even if they know they can’t pull it off. And I REALLY like The Butcher, The Blade, and The Bunny, what a great trio!!!

8:52 – So I’m wondering if this whole Cameron Grimes / Kushida feud is really all about his hat…

9:05 – Here’s an unpopular opinion: I think Jericho is well past his prime, and they need to get the belt off him. Granted he is GREAT on the Mic, and REALLY cares about the company (Lord knows they are paying him enough) but he just looks 2 steps behind in the ring.

9:08 – Grimes got his hat back and all is right with the world!!!!

9:21 – I’ll tell you what, outside of The Priest / Dain match, this has been a really great show with some top notch matches, now we get an NXT UK flavored match!!! Travis Banks Vs. Pete Dunne… another winner!!!

9:28 – Did you know that Britt Baker was a Dentist?? like a REAL honest to goodness dentist!!??!! I’ve never heard that about her before, would figure that AEW would want people to know, but they hardly ever mention it /s

9:32 – Kris Statlander is legit nowhere near good enough to be on a Nationally televised show, not that she doesn’t have ability, she absolutely does, she just needs to spend far more time honing her craft as her stuff looks sloppy AF. That alone is a reason why The WWE’s women are the best in the world hands down.

9:36 – Here we go!!! getting ready for Ripley / Baszler!!!! Look, my first match was ruined by a run in, please for the love of god don’t let this one end the same way.. Let Ripley win…

9:56 – One of the things that NXT does better than AEW, and hell… even better than the other two WWE brands, is that everything they do MAKES SENSE, their ring awareness, and story telling is TOP notch. The matches look more REAL rather than demonstrations like AEW, don’t get me wrong, AEW is GREAT in what they do.

10:00 – Freaking REF BUMPS!!!! I know it’s all about generating heat, and making the eventual title win that much better, but COME ON!!!!!


Ok short sign off – both programs were wonderful, loved it!!!! Wednesday nights are truly the best night of the week!!!!

Until Next Time Everyone,

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