Of Marks And Men – 12/16/19 RAW

December 16, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

OK!!!! Fallout from TLC time!!! now while IMO TLC was a great PPV, there were plenty of wrestlers that didn’t have a booking last night, most notably Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens, so I’m thinking we will get some pretty awesome character development tonight as they more than likely won’t have the night off. Other than that, not much has transpired since last night.

The other great thing is that we have a 6 week build up to Royal Rumble, so there will be PLENTY of time to get some serious feuds established before the Road To Wrestlemania REALLY kicks off!!

On another note, I hope that after last night Kairi Sane is well, she took some vicious bumps, and was definitely injured during the match, and it was a shame that Charlotte didn’t recognize that fact, and probably made matters FAR worse with her actions in the later stages of the match. Honestly she deserves to be suspended, as she seriously put Kairi at risk.

8:06 – OK Seth opens the show, I’m so glad he is a heel now. He is SO much better this way, plus his heel turn was completely based in truth, which makes it all the better.

8:15 – Alright if you all didn’t see Karl Anderson’s post match interview last night it was a thing of beauty. That dude is TALENTED on the mic, I don’t know how he didn’t do it without laughing but here, see for yourself

Hilarious right??? I would say he deserves a solo push, but I know what would happen to him, he would get buried in the mid card, and never live up to his potential. WWE has a habit of doing that, so I hope he stays right where he is, he gets regular high profile bookings, and it a TV staple.

8:23 – Saw this article today, and wholeheartedly agree, say what you will about Jericho, but the dude is a consummate pro, and legitimately cares about the product that AEW is putting out there, and so he should.


8:37 – This Viking Raiders / OC match is SO HEAVILY SCRIPTED it’s ridiculous, I could basically call the spots in this match without even watching it.

8:39 – That was a non-title match??? did I miss that?? or did they forget to say it?? I thought we had new champs for a second which would have been great!!! Judging by what I’m seeing on Twitter, no one else heard it

8:42 – AEW commercial on a RAW broadcast???? iiiiiiiinteresting, I’m sure Vince won’t like that.

8:48 – Well thankfully we get the Rowan squash match out of the way early tonight, I was tired of seeing it at 10:30, and honestly I don’t care about what’s in the cage anymore, it’s like a bad joke that won’t end.

8:50 – Andrade definitely sporting a nice black eye after his WONDERFUL match with Humberto Carillo last night. Easily tied for best match of the night (with Black / Murphy)

8:58 – Whelp, I was hoping that last night would be the end of this whole Lana / Lashley / Rusev thing, but apparently not, as a matter of fact the only thing that would work after they had Lashley beat Rusev is a major heel push for Lashley, anything else would be a waste.

9:03 – Oh sweet Jesus, now we get a “proposal”?? God Vince must be cackling like Emperor Palpatine at Gorilla right now.

9:10 – Even High Profile WWE talent hate the Lana / Lashley angle LMFAO

9:19 – What the fuck happened to Ricochet’s push? #RandomThought

9:29 – When I watch a match like Tozawa and Ricochet, I find it ridiculously hard to understand why the Cruiserweight belt isn’t a MAJOR title in the WWE, don’t get me wrong, I love that Garza has it, but honestly, it needs to be a featured belt, like NOW.

9:42 – This gauntlet match has shown off some AMAZING talent. It truly is an embarrassment of riches the WWE has.

9:59 – This match is taking FOREVER!!!! holy god….

10:10 – So not quite sure who just won that freaking hour long gauntlet match…. Carrillo by count out??? I might have fallen asleep at some point.. holy jeez.

10:21 – So now what the fuck is this bullshit… Brock is absolutely holding the WWE Title hostage, now we have Seth, a MAN WHO BEAT BROCK TWICE!!!! Wrestling for the US title next week because he CAN’T get near the WWE Title.. for FUCKS sake!!! get that belt AWAY from Brock… Fuck me….

10:33 – Damn I got so excited to see Deonna Purrazzo on RAW I totally forgot to write anything… but damn Deonna Purrazzo!!! and a hell of a match against Asuka.. Wow… some great chain wrestling, I didn’t think it was possible to elevate the women’s division any more, but they managed. Oh and speaking of women’s division, no sign of Charlotte.. fucking GOOD, suspend her ass for a couple months, she deserves it…

10:37 – Orton Vs. Styles… Here we go… Main Event time!!!! Wrestlemania main event quality match right here, right now…

Well honestly that show was a bit weird… That whole hour long gauntlet match that ended in….Nothing was strange to say the least, Seth doubled down on the heel turn (which I love) and AJ / Orton was as good as advertised. Wednesday is the day I’m looking forward to, as we OPEN the show with Cole / Balor for the belt, and THEN we get Ripley / Baszler.. ON A WEDNESDAY!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!??!! a WEDNESDAY!!!!, so until then everyone…

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