Of Marks And Men – 12/13/19 Smackdown Live!!!

December 13, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Friday night, I’m a goober and sitting home getting ready to watch wrestling!!! The final show before TLC this Sunday. The most interesting thing this evening will be Roman Reign’s reaction to the dog food bit last week. In case you didn’t see it, Baron Corbin, and Dolph Ziggler ended the show by dumping copious amounts of dog food over a hand cuffed Roman in a bid to gain some nuclear level heat. Did it work? I would say so, fans LOVE to hate Corbin, and he is so damn good at being a heel.

8:01 – You know This Corbin / Roman feud has been the closest thing to an “old school” feud in quite some time. I appreciate feuds that build and build, no just feuds that last 3-4 weeks and are over. I actually hope that this continues PAST TLC, or at least they don’t completely forget about it.

8:11 – Corbin freaking went LOW on Kofi, damn hitting him on the dropping the belt to Brock in 10 seconds. Love Kofi’s reaction to it though, wonderful promo.

8:14 – I like the thought of a Kofi / Corbin program,, they could put some MATCHES on.

8:23 – I would love a mixed tag team of Otis and Mandy Rose, just for the comedic value.

8:28 – Otis just gave Sami Zayn a ham for Xmas LOL!!! A Muslim Vegan!!!! LOL!!!

8:44 – I REALLY want Chad Gable to be a singles champ, he completely deserves it, but honestly if he finds success in the tag division, and that’s where he can get consistent bookings, freaking rock on…

8:58 – I have to say, while I don’t care for someone like Bray having the belt for 2 reasons:

A) He doesn’t need it to be completely over with the fans.

B) Due to his gimmick he can only really be a part time champ

I will admit that he does a FANTASTIC job in his role, he is so damn good. He sells that role so fucking well.

9:02 – Sheamus coming back to SmackDown is a game changer, the sheer amount of program permutations with him in the mix will for sure freshen up the brand.

9:06 – OK, so you are under threat from The Fiend, so you stay home with your family, but you:

A) let your kid out of your sight, which I would NEVER do, they would be withing arms reach at ALL times. -and-

B) when you find that Bray got into your house and into your kids room, you rush there, and LET YOUR WIFE GO IN FIRST!!??!! what the hell???!!!!???

Come on Miz… do better.

9:16 – I’m wondering why Cesaro switched from wearing trunks to wearing Capri’s?? First off, when did it become OK for dudes to wear Capri’s???

9:20 – next random thought, I remember watching a documentary on Andre the Giant, and they talked about how hard travel was on him, especially when he had to go to Japan, how he had to urinate in a bucket because he couldn’t fit in Airplane bathrooms, and how long drives physically HURT him, I wonder if Otis feels that?? he’s a BIG dude, and I’m sure travel isn’t pleasant for him, and lots of times you have to spend HOURS in a car / airplane.

9:40 – EXPANSE SEASON 4 IS TODAY!!!! I totally forgot!!!! thank goodness for that commercial!!!!!

9:53 – Well this last 30min has been pretty obvious and standard, not to say it isn’t bad, but I would really like some more variety. I mean we all know how this was ending, and well it pretty much did.

In any event it was a solid show, I honestly can’t wait for Elias, and Sheamus to make their full in ring returns, they will honestly help so damn much. I like the setup for a Kofi / Corbin program, and I’m seriously intrigued by Gable in the tag division. So some nice threads that they are going to build on in the near future.

Until Next Time Everyone,

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