Of Marks And Men – 11/29/19 Smackdown Live

November 29, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Friday night, should I go out? be social? hell no!!! I’m gonna sit here, watch some wrestling, and record my thoughts for all of posterity.

It almost seems like Survivor Series was last month, but in truth this is Smackdown’s fallout show, and the “Big News” for the show is that Bray Wyatt (The Fiend) will be debuting a NEW character in his Firefly Funhouse, whoopdy doo!!! honestly at this point I’m already tired of his character, mostly because I feel that WWE is mishandling him, he’s basically Smackdown’s version of Brock Lesnar, a part time champion that they really only drag out for PPV’s and have him beat up on his opponent of the month, and in the intervening weeks all we get are vignettes and a couple of brief spots with him Mandible Clawing someone. I don’t know what they can do with him at this point, who (how) are they going to set someone up to beat him? and when? Can we really go until April at Wrestlemania like this? I REALLY hope not. Well in any event lets see what the Blue Brand has in store for us:

8:02 – Opening the show with Roman Reigns, and let me guess Corbin is going to show up and do something else cringe worthy.

8:04 – I also think it’s time to freshen up Roman as well, he still uses the “Shield” tactical gear look, and their music, it’s like he never really moved on from them in some ways. We all complain about Seth, but why does Roman get a pass???

8:07 – Calling out Corbin… damn it’s almost like it was too obvious. I mean don’t get me wrong, Corbin can ABSOLUTELY be a top heel, but man are they mishandling him.

8:10 – So now we are comparing Thanksgiving meals? Oy Vey….

8:11 – I do love how Corbin is going for all the classic heel “cheap heat” lines, making fun of the state. I always appreciate things like that.

8:20 – I gotta be honest, I’m sitting here watching this match thinking that the gulf in quality between RAW, NXT, and Smackdown is pretty damn large, Smackdown is easily the worst of the 3 brands, and they need to fix that. I don’t know if they need to swap some talent, get some better creative, maybe put some more “edge” into their show. But they definitely need to make it more compelling, RAW has an entire additional hour but it doesn’t feel like this much of a slog to get through. (and we are only 20 min in to a 2 hour show)

8:23 – I said it last week but I’m still thinking it… Smackdown has a MAJOR heel problem that they need to address, as in they don’t have many good ones, which is why they keep relying on Corbin (along with Ziggler, and Roode) their really the only pure heels they have on the show. Not good, not good at all.

8:32 – And the heat gaining post match beat down commences after the Reigns win. I have to admit I always appreciate the classics especially when the crowd is into it, which this one is.

8:43 – Oh boy another Firefly Funhouse…

8:44 – What the fuck was that??? was he challenging Bryan to another match? what was the point of that?

8:47 – On a non wrestling related topic, I watched the first episode of the New Harley Quinn show on the DC streaming service, and I REALLY enjoyed it!!! Kaley Cuoco isn’t Arleen Sorkin, but she does a pretty darn good job.

8:49 – Sheamus is back!!!! that’s some pretty sweet news!!! Hope he is a heel, they NEED a top heel.

8:51 – Thought of the day, when wrestlers wear only trunks and boots it looks like that dude wearing cutoff jorts, and Workboots, it looks funny. They need kneepads to kind of fill in the gap.

8:54 – OH so now we have Heavy Machinery doing the bad infomercial for the WWE shop, why do we have, why do we humiliate good performers like this??

8:55 – Another Commercial break random thought… I hate Diamond Distribution, they are so detrimental to the comics industry, literally a Monopoly (and don’t come at me with that one other TINY company who’s name escapes me right now) that gatekeeps the industry, if you can’t get in diamond, you might as well not exist, thank god for crowdfunding, or lots of work might never see the light of day anymore.

8:59 – I don’t like Sasha Banks’ new music, I think I’ve mentioned that before, but honestly just go back to the old music.

9:01 – That moment when the pumped in arena audio fucks up so the volume fluctuates on national TV, because your wrestlers promo is not only terrible, but not getting over AT ALL. LOL

9:05 – I have to admit Lacey Evans is getting better ever week, working with Natty really helped her. She always had the potential, glad to see the execution starting to meet up with that potential. Still don’t like the gimmick though.

9:07 – What. The. Fuck. is going on right now??? is this where we are?? This rap thing is terrible…Is this a new personality for Bray Wyatt? is this the new character? If so, wow… just… wow… and now we do the silent Daniel Bryan thing?

9:15 – At least I get me some Sonya Deville, talk about someone that needs a HUGE push, and has talent to fucking spare.

9:17 – Alexa Bliss is BACK!!!! that will definitely help the women’s division on Smackdown, hopefully she can stay healthy for longer than 3 months this time.

9:23 – Damn Smackdown is getting 1/2 their fucking roster back tonight… we can add Elias to the comeback train as well, which is good, because another heel can only help.

9:28 – Honestly I would love to see Cesaro get a strap on his waist. So lets get a title change tonight. If anyone on the roster deserves a belt it’s him, so talented, never a push, dude just keeps his head down, does his work, and does it WELL, he is top class.

9:44 – I love this new trend of throwing run in buddies / managers out of matches. Adds a nice dimension to matches, and all I think about is that scene from Naked Gun where Frank Drebin is the Ump, and he throws the manager out.

9:51 – I will honestly never understand why they keep closing Smackdown’s out with promo’s, seriously… end it with a match.

9:55 – Looks like the YES movement is back!!! Face Bryan is best Bryan!!!!, and it looks like he’s going back to short hair as well judging by the ending.

Whelp, overall that show was pretty lackluster, some decent matches, but nothing world shattering, glad to see Sheamus, Elias, and Alexa back, those 3 will MORE than help the brand, especially is Sheamus and Elias are heels.

Well the next event is Starrcade on Sunday, so I will once again be right here doing what I do!!! Until then….

Be good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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