Of Marks And Men – 11/13/19 Wednesday Night War

November 13, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Ok here we are, Wednesday night, and it is shaping up to be a big evening so lets set the table:

1) It’s AEW’s fallout show from “Full Gear”, Cody Lost and MJF went heel

2) The Young Bucks Lost to P and P

3) Kenny Omega Lost to Mox

So what happens now? what will develop between the Inner Circle and The Elite? Will Cody seek to extract revenge against his former best friend? Have we seen the end of Mox and Omega? Will Darby or Hangman move to the forefront of the title chase? The opportunities are endless right now.

Meanwhile on NXT it’s all about the lead up to Survivor Series, who will be the representatives from NXT for the elimination match? Will the OC invade again? and what role if any will Finn play? When will Ciampa finally get his shot at Cole? And what if any role could the newly returning C.M. Punk play in the proceedings?? (and for those of you that don’t know, the fact that C.M. is back is MASSIVE)

So the tabet is set, TV is tuned and yours truly is READY. TO. GO….

8:02 – NXT making the super smart decision to open up with a title match!!! and Let me tell you it doesn’t get much better than Angel Garza Vs. Lio Rush

8:07 – AEW opening with Mox is a solid idea, not sure how I feel about this potentially being a squash match though. Probably should have gone with something a little more high profile. aaaaaaaaaaand the match is over, that was all of 2 minutes…..

God I love pure wrestling shows…. I don’t have to worry about any B.S., it’s just straightforward…

8:13 – I literally have zero idea what NXT’s deal is with Full Sail, but honestly they need to be in bigger arena’s, they do their performers such a disservice in a 2,000 seat arena (if that) These guys and gals go all out for the brand, and deserve to be household names.

8:15 – Marco Stunt!!!!! Marco Freaking Stunt!!!! Dude is a ball of energy, and can pull of stuff I have NEVER seen before, I love the fact that he gets booked on TV, a guy his size would NEVER be on WWE

8:19 – Not a fan of how the Rush / Garza match ended, controversy is never a satisfying end especially with the quality of the performances. I mean I know it allows for rematches and a build, but I still prefer clean finishes.

8:27 – Luchasaurus is BACK!!!!! Jurassic Express is WHOLE AGAIN!!!! maybe now they can get that title shot!!!!!!

8:30 – I think one of the best things about AEW is watching all of these performers grow and get just that much better every week. Of course most of them have tons of experience in the Indie scene and have wrestled from one end of the world to the other, but that’s not the same as putting on a coherent Television program, and man are they figuring it out QUICK.

8:37 – Whelp it’s safe to assume that the crowd is firmly behind Darby Allin, I’m thinking it’s not long before he has that belt.

8:41 – HOLY SHIT YES!!!!! Allin V. Moxley!!!! this has EPIC written all over it!!!

8:47 – DAMNIT I hate “Non-Title” matches, Keith Lee deserves the title shot plain and simple.

8:50 – I don’t think Roderick Strong has a Pectoral left after Keith Lee just caved in his chest with the most vicious chop I have EVER SEEN, god damn….

8:50 – Love Awesome Kong tying the hair to her belt like a scalp, freaking fantastic, her and Brandi together is a great pairing.

8:55 – Now that I think about it I have to check and see if Finn is injured, he hasn’t done anything since coming back and I’m wondering why???

9:00 – MJF coming in to Cody’s intro and interrupting Jericho is a THING OF BEAUTY, the crowd ATE IT UP, Asshole chant’s fill the arena!!! FANTASTIC!!!! and now he’s cutting a wonderful promo. This dude is a superstar in the making!!!!

9:06 – God damn Jericho and MJF are freaking INCREDIBLE together!!! this segment is AWESOME!!!! Outstanding Mic work!!!! top shelf!!!!

9:06 – God Damn that match between Keith Lee and Roderick Strong was Amazing!!! Nice Clusterfuck on the outside between Ciampa / Riddle, The UE, and even Finn! but the match still ends clean!!! that’s how you do it!!! absolutely wonderful!!! take notes “Main Roster” cough cough Vince cough cough.

9:21 – It’s so nice to be an hour and twenty minutes into TWO wrestling shows and not at any point have to say “Oh what the Fuck??? WHY???? just end this FUCKING ANGLE” or groan… what I’m getting at is both of these shows are fantastic!!!!

9:27 – Damn that Pac / Page match was a legit PPV quality match on a Wednesday, and over on NXT Scott / Reed had a fantastic effort as well, I honestly can’t get enough of Wednesday nights.

9:30 – Orange Cassidy just appearing in a closet / bathroom during a brawl is one of the funniest things I have seen, and then they just shut the door on him!!!! I’m loving the tongue in cheek humor on AEW

9:37 – We had us a couple of chaotic brawls.

9:43 – Just announced Riddle V. Balor @NXT Wargames!!!! YES!!! what a match!!!!

9:54 – I mean I know that Jericho got PAID to go to AEW, but you have to respect a guy who at 48 years old could have coasted for a few more years, but decided to go help build a brand. His body is done, he knows it, we know it, AEW knows it so that’s why they pair him with young kids like Guevara who can shoulder the load, but he still owns on the mic, and can still work a match.

10:00 – Jericho and Guevara lose to SCU, and that’s why AEW is wonderful, because the champion put SCU over for the good of the brand, not for his ego, but for AEW as a whole.

10:06 – That Ladder match between Io / Mia was one of the most vicious ladder matches I have ever seen bar none, some of the bumps / spots were disgustingly brutal, and it’s not often that you see medical jump in the ring in the middle of a match to patch up one of the wrestlers so they can continue, but Mia got busted open so bad they had no choice… DAMN

Well what a fantastic Wednesday night!!! both shows were ON FIRE!!!!!! Top shelf matches all around, and some A+ Mic work on AEW, one thing is for sure, Survivor Series is shaping up to be something special, and I can’t wait to see it.

Until Next Time Everyone,

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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