Of Marks And Men – 1/8/20 NXT & AEW

January 8, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

OK!!!! the first proper Wednesday night war of 2020!!! NXT didn’t really have a “show” last week, as they focused on their year end awards. While AEW looks to keep their momentum from 2019 building into the new year, as their march to “Revolution” happens at the end of February.

Speaking of NXT, I would be remiss to not mention that NXT UK Takeover Blackpool II happens this Sunday starting at 12:00, I’ll more than likely be watching the beginning of it as I have tickets to see “1917” that day, and suffice to say I am frigging stoked to be seeing it, as it looks INCREDIBLE.

8:04 – Damn fine match to start off AEW, with Page / Omega V. Private Party, I do love how AEW does it’s best to book as many of their stars as possible on each and every show.

8:04 – The UK invasion has begun Toni Storm has shown up to challenge Rhea for the NXT UK Belt!!! Lots of history there, all fantastic matches!!! Yeah this shit is going down, Kay Lee Ray, whelp forget it it’s all going down now, Bianca, Io, Candace… for fucks sake….

8:13 – That was the sloppiest series of spots by Page and Private Party, sometimes you have to tone it down and make it look good, rather than make it look like blatant setups, it’s not always about the high spot. Page just stood there and let the moves happen to him, it looked so damn bad.

8:27 – Why does AEW have this weird thing where they show Britt Baker in the crowd of EVERY women’s match that they have??? Seems odd….

8:34 – Riho just sold that Statlander suplex with an amazing post up.. holy cow, that was some professional shit.

8:38 – AEW buries it’s refs so fucking hard, you have Statlander get jumped DURING the match, but the match continues, then Riho wins after helping her. I swear to god they need to sort that shit out. I hate to point it out but it’s so fucking sloppy, that’s the shit that holds them back.

8:43 – Damn… Imperium and Forgotten Sons just set the tone for this tournament, match was short and sweet, perfect length, all action. Simply wonderful.

9:05 – You know it’s no surprise that AEW’s most polished wrestlers are The Rhodes’, PAC, Mox, and Jericho, not to Mark out, but all of them have one thing in common…. all WWE vets, say what you want about WWE, but their ability to polish wrestlers, and their production value is second to none.

9:09 – I know that Dustin Runnels runs a wrestling class for the AEW roster amongst others, and it’s a good damn thing he does, the quality of match this has been is far and above anything else tonight. It LOOKS good on TV, and it is FLOWING well, hot tags are perfectly timed to get pop from the crowd, Dustin is still favoring his “injured” leg and not forgetting about it the tags are crisp.. believe it or not all these things MATTER when you want to be taken seriously as a competitor.

9:21 – MJF is a fucking STAR, this kid is gonna carry AEW for DECADES if they keep him, and honestly if WWE pries him away it will be one of the largest coups in wrestling HISTORY.

9:37 – It takes a serious suspension of disbelief to appreciate fully what Marko Stunt brings to AEW, the kid is unbelievably over with the crowd, and he legit leaves EVERYTHING in the ring, but I think AEW has a problem handling him, segment producers need to do a better job with him, there has to be some logic involved with his matches, and right now there isn’t. With that said… damn I love watching him work.

9:42 – For fucks sake Tony Kahn needs to pry a top Director away from WWE, someone who KNOWS when to cut cameras away so you don’t see 3 people just fucking standing there waiting for Cassidy to do his suicide dive to catch him. not saying that that shit doesn’t happen in WWE, but they are smart enough to not let you SEE it. CUT. THE. CAMERA. AWAY. close it up on Cassidy until the dive happens. That or they need better ringside cameramen who know how to get in the right positions, because the ringside cam they cut to was so far out of place it was ridiculous.

9:56 – MOX joining Inner Circle??? this has to be a ruse, no way this is for real. It completely breaks MOX’s character…

9:58 – AND there it is… the swerve…. I knew they couldn’t be that dumb. They would have ruined MONTHS of character development if they had MOX join Inner Circle. would have been ridiculous.

10:03 – There will be something completely wrong if Lee doesn’t win this match, and go on to take the NA belt from Strong.

10:05 – And all is right with the world, as Keith Lee wins, and will soon have gold on his waist. Damn right, dude deserves it.

Alright, off to bed now, I’ve gotta get up early tomorrow, Peace homies!!!! great night of shows!!! LOVE IT!!!!

Until Next Time Everyone,

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