Of Marks And Men – 1/6/20 RAW!!!

January 6, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

Happy New Year Everyone!!!!!! I’m back from the holiday craziness, and ready to have a ball in 2020 with all the wrestling goodness!!! I caught up on all my wrestling this past weekend, and both WWE and AEW had some great shows over my break.

Smackdown was the biggest beneficiary having had an infusion of talent coming back from injuries (Sheamus, Elias) a returning star (John Morrison), and a high profile heel turn (The Miz).

NWA came off their first successful PPV “Into The Fire” and the biggest news out of that PPV is the NWA debut of “The Villain” Marty Scurll (which is a rather large coup for the brand), and of course he will at some point be in a program with Nick Aldis, which will provide some absolutely wonderful matches.

AEW got a high profile boost with Chris Jericho heading over to Japan and representing the company at Wrestle Kingdom 14, although if he was injured as is the rumor, that doesn’t bode well for AEW in the long term as he is scheduled to work with Jon Moxley at the Revolution PPV at the end of February.

As for tonight, it looks like Brock Lesnar will finally be gracing us with his presence, although I literally have NO idea who (if anyone) he will be working with at Royal Rumble. The most obvious choice is Seth, anyone else will more than likely be a squash match, and to be honest Seth is the only believable threat to Brock at this time.

But with that said, lets get this show on the road!!!!

7:35 – Early doors random thought. With shit going completely sideways in the middle east right now, I’m wondering what, if any, issues there would be with the WWE returning to Saudi for another show? I mean it was always a risky proposition to begin with, but now… Would Vince be willing to put his wrestlers at even MORE risk??

8:01 – For REAL??? why the hell are we starting with this??? Can we not just let this end?? At this point I’m thinking Vince is just trolling us.

8:04 – Bout damn time this dude shows up, love how they say he’s held the belt for “more days than anyone” can we even count that??? he basically disappears for weeks at a time.

8:11 – Brock in the Rumble… what a load of horseshit, let him bury the whole roster on his way to winning the rumble and eventually wrestle Bray to hold both belts, swear to god that’s the type of bullshit they do with him.

8:20 – Rey V. Andrade, I’m just gonna enjoy this glorious booking. Try and forget about that horrible bullshit I just heard.

8:40 – Well that was a really fucking weird ending to an otherwise stellar match, I’m not entirely sure what the hell just happened. It seems like the ref blew the ending, telling Rey to go check on Zelina AFTER Rey was already acting hurt, it was strange.

8:52 – Street Profits appreciation time!!! god I LOVE these two, especially (as always) my man Montez Ford. This match is gonna be fucking lit, Profits V. OC. V. Raiders!!!

9:02 – As an aside I hope at some point I get to see New Day and Street Profits work together in some capacity, what fun that would be.

9:28 – Asuka cutting her promo’s in Japanese is fucking amazing, and she is such an incredible heel, easily the best in the Women’s division.

9:32 – It’s definitely Luke Harper’s shrunken head… has to be.

9:36 – Man I’ll tell you what, that Rey beatdown during the Andrade post match interview was really well done!!! and Zelina as always sold it perfectly. She is such an underrated talent, honestly she needs to be doing more in ring work too.

9:47 – God Damnit, why… just why are we squashing Tozawa??? come on… dude deserves better.

9:50 – some fan just rushed the ring, they cut to commercial FAST with someone getting swarmed by security, dude is gonna get his ASS KICKED LOL. UPDATE: the dude that got jumped was the “officiant” of the Lana / Lashley wedding!!! LOL, he’s PART OF THE SHOW!!!! HAHAHAHA!!!!! what a fuckup!!!!

10:14 – So I see that you can almost kill a wrestler at TLC, work completely unsafely, and put their health at severe risk, but if your last name is Flair you get away with it. So much for WWE caring about their people. Or at least that caring is conditional.

10:21 – Drew McIntyre has the best intro music in the WWE, of course I’m a sucker for bagpipes so I’m sure that has something to do with it. And I am LOVING his new gimmick tweak, he’s great as a Tweener it suits him perfectly.

10:34 – God Damn Shelton Benjamin just fucking deadlifted Aleister Black with one fucking arm, that’s ridiculous.

10:40 – I never want Murphy / Black to end, it could be 100 years and 10,000 matches from now, and I’ll never get tired of it.

10:44 – I love Heel Seth, don’t care, love it… L.O.V.E. I.T. needs to stay.

10:49 – WHAT!!!!!! THE FUCKING BIG SHOW!!!!???!!!! HOW??? HOW DID THEY KEEP THAT UNDER WRAPS???? A LEGIT SURPRISE!!!! But on the other hand, as cool as it is to see him, he’s a hunter main… and hunters are scrubs… dirty dirty dirty scrubs… which means as a Titan main I have to hate him…

10:59 – Match worked, built some great heat with the chair shot / DQ, not always a fan of it, but it worked.

Well it felt good to be back, show was a bit lopsided, started strong, sort of sagged in the middle, but finished strong. Wednesday is gonna be awesome as it will be the first Wednesday night war of 2020 so I’m sure both shows are going to bring it!!!

Until Next Time Everyone,

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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