Of Marks And Men 1/25/20 – Worlds Collide

January 25, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

We’ve made it!!! Royal Rumble weekend, and what better way to kick it off than with the NXT and NXT UK stars coming together to tear the house down!!! it’s time for “Worlds Collide”

I am so fucking hyped for this PPV.. so many awesome matches.. but honestly my highlight, and what will undoubtedly be the match of the night is Finn Balor, and Ilja Dragunov.. HOLY SHIT I can’t wait for that one, it’s going to be ridiculous.

Ripley vs. Toni Storm should be a great match as they rekindle their old NXT UK feud, but this time it’s for the NXT Championship (WWE took “Women’s out of the title, so I’m adapting)

U.E. V. Imperium, that’s going to be epic so much talent, so much potential.

Fatal Four Way for the Cruiserweight title, Garza V. Scott V. Devlin V. Travis Banks, that shit is gonna be absolute insanity!!! Garza is a fucking STAR, and he is the best thing to happen to the Cruiserweight belt in well, almost a decade.

And the rest of the card is top notch as well including a temporary reforming of DIY!!!!! (RIGHT??!!??)

Well the kickoff show is currently live with Kay Lee Ray against Mia Yim for the UK title, so lets resume our normal operations.

6:50 – Kay Lee Ray with the heel finish!!!, grabbing the pants and then the ropes to steal a victory. Solid opening match!!

6:57 – Kay Lee Ray needs a better schtick than her “surfing” thing, I can’t throw that up sitting in my chair. I need an easy to reproduce hand gesture… These things matter!!!!

7:05 – YAAAAAASSSSSSS!!!!! Balor and Dragunov to open the damn show!!!! Match of the night right here… no contest…

7:14 – Let’s take a moment to appreciate Balor going back to NXT, it’s where he belongs, I don’t ever need to see The Demon again, I just want Balor in these types of matches until the day he decides to retire.

7:22 – Whelp, the rest of the card was just put on notice, they all have a LOT to live up to, time to work your asses off.

7:26 – As a devoted United supporter, I just want GYV to loose solely because they are from Liverpool.

7:29 – Riddle / Dunne “The Broserweights” are honestly one of those things that you can’t plan on, it just “happens” that level of perfection. They are an A+ tag team and need a LONG run as title holders.

7:33 – There are going to be a LOT of eyes opened tonight, especially with this Cruiserweight match, holy fuck there is an insane abount of talent in the ring right now.

7:45 – WOW, it’s not often that I am surprised… I am legit surprised… Devlin wins the belt, holy shit.. Not that he doesn’t deserve it, he’s super talented, just didn’t think it was his time yet.

8:01 – Gargano missed Bate’s foot in that spot, and they worked out of it Brilliantly. So So So Good.

8:18 – Like legit I have been engrossed by this DIY / Moustache Mountain match, holy fuck has it been incredible. It’s only January and I don’t think I’ll see a better match this year. Damn what a dream match… what absolute perfection. I couldn’t have asked for more, nobody could.

8:31 – I’m not sure I understand Toni Storm’s character, she is a certified badass when she is in the U.S. but Her U.K. character is really whiny, I don’t know why they change it depending on where she is.

8:44- The ending of that Ripley / Storm match felt weird, it almost seems like Rhea took a bad bump off of a German Suplex, and they cut the match short, that or the match wasn’t getting over, not sure which. But I didn’t care for the ending.

9:05 – Sorry missed something, Alexander Wolfe looks to have been knocked the fuck out, Ref threw the “X” and called the back, camera cut away, not sure if it’s a work or shoot, could be either, not sure.. if they were concerned about a head injury they probably would have boarded him out. I’m thinking if it was a work, it was probably because Imperium is going to lose and it’s their way of not making them look weak by putting them down a man.

Well that was an incredible show, outside of Ripley / Storm which IMO was a bust, the rest of the PPV was solid, and honestly 2 match of the year candidates already.

See you all tomorrow. RUMBLE TIME!!!

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