Of Marks And Men – 1/22/20 Wednesday Night War

January 22, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

OK, not gonna lie, I went to bed Monday night at about 9 PM, as I was on 4 hours sleep… so Monday was a bust for me, but I’m back for Wednesday!!!! (although I really need to catch up on NWA)

So before the shows start, lets get a look at what’s on deck:

NXT is highlighted by Keith Lee V. Roderick Strong for the North American Championship.

The Broserweights are going up against Imperium

UE V. GYV in the Dusty Rhodes Classic

And lets not forget that this is the Go Home Show for World’s Collide this Saturday (which of course I’ll be watching) so I’m sure we will see some high profile UK invasion’s.

On the AEW side, the show was pre recorded on Jericho’s “Rock and Wrestling Rager” cruise, so the spoilers are already on the internet, suffice to say there are some rather large surprises in store for those of you who like to avoid such things. I know the results, but I still have my tablet rolling with AEW on it just so I can see the matches. But honestly the highlight for me is SCR Vs. Page / Omega for the Tag Belts, and Mox / Pac for the #1 contender.

8:01 – Looks like AEW is opening strong with the tag belts on the line, while I’m not thrilled with Omega and Page opening a show, It makes sense to try and capture the viewers in the first 15 minutes. And NXT is countering with UE and Grizzled Young Veterans.

8:06 – I love the AEW ambiance being on the cruise ship, it just looks cool, the outdoor wrestling thing is pretty damn cool.

8:15 – I love how wonderful a job Hangman Page does in telling his characters story in the ring, the alcohol abuse, and the barely holding himself together gimmick is working for him REALLY WELL, everything he does in the ring feeds into it.

8:19 – GYV getting the Assist from Imperium to take the win!!! LOVE IT!!!, and continuing to build a hell of a feud between the two factions, that’s gonna pay off big on Saturday!

8:23 – This is what NXT gets right, over the other two brands (although they are catching up) The slow burn of all their stories. Take U.E. for instance, you have them basically be the unquestioned tag champs for damn near a year, beating all comers, now all this does is establish them as the best. Well that means whoever beats them immediately gets put over as the best, along with massive pop, that comes with toppling the long time champs.

8:27 – AAAAAAAANDDDDD NEEEEEEWWWWWWWW!!!!! Page / Omega win the belts!!!!! this is going to be awesome!!! as it will add so much pressure and depth to Page’s character, and I’m sure we will watch him degrade even further, and it already starts with him drinking and crowd surfing, god I love this dude, he is SO GOOD.

8:40 – For the life of me I will never understand AEW, they have a character in the MIDDLE of a heel turn (Britt Baker) and they cut to commercial??? WHAT THE FUCK????? the show is TAPED!!! you KNOW when the commercials are!!!!! HOW. THE. FUCK. does that happen!!??!! that’s the shit I’m always harping on with them…

8:53 – Finn Balor is so fucking clean and crisp in the ring, everything he does is damn near perfect, and I’m calling it now, he and Dragunov are gonna steal the show at Worlds Collide, those two are going to tear the damn house down.

9:08 – Well I guess Baszler helped put Blackheart over??? But it was a pretty straightforward win… I want to know when I am getting my Baszler / Lynch program???

9:17 – Angel Garza is an incredible Cruiserweight Champ, that dude has all the skill and charisma to hopefully elevate that title to the level it needs to be. Unreal in the ring, leading man good looks, WWE needs to push the hell out of him.

9:28 – See!!! that’s what I’m talking about!!!! Pete Dunne messed up a spot and slipped on a the rope, he went down, but was smart enough to grab his knee and act hurt, and continued to act hurt until he tagged Riddle and rolled out of the ring. It’s never something that will show up on a “stat sheet” but it matters immeasurably when you are trying to tell a story in the ring. Absolutely wonderful presence of mind.

9:35 – OK I’m all set for the Broserweight’s to win ALL the belts…

9:46 – Mox and Pac are putting on a hell of a match, but once again I’m not surprised, 2 ex WWE guys… they have the ring acumen, the ability to put on that show. Outside of the old WWE guys, honestly Omega and Page are the only other ones who are at that same level.

9:55 – Not gonna lie, I turned the Mox / Pac match off, I just didn’t give a fuck..

10:05 – You want to watch a class in storytelling in the ring??? Re watch this Keith Lee, Roderick Strong match, it’s perfection.

10:08 – AAAAAAAAANNNNNNNNDDDDDD NNNNEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW Keith Lee!!!!! absolute perfection, what a wonderful match, played brilliantly by 2 consummate professionals… what an end to a show.

Alright… here we go… quick finish… Worlds Collide on Saturday, see you then!!!

Until Next Time,

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