Of Marks And Men 1/17/20 – Smackdown

January 17, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

Well here we are Friday night, Smackdown Time!!!!, due to Pint filming responsibilities the last couple of weeks, I haven’t seen Smackdown, so I’m a bit behind on the Blue Brand, and quite frankly this brings up a point. FOX needs to do a better job of getting the show up On Demand, they don’t post them until Thursday??!!?? WTF?? that shit should be up on Saturday… no excuse… minor rant out of the way lets take a look at the card tonight.

Robert Roode is back from his “Wellness Policy” suspension to take on Roman Reigns in a table match, John Morrison makes his in ring return in a match against National Treasure Big E., Kane is making an appearance hot off the heels of his wonderful appearance on “The Broken Skull Sessions” with Stone Cold (which BTW is a fantastic show.. you need to watch it, it’s totally worth the WWE TV subscription), and in what could honestly be the match of the night Lacey Evans is getting her hands on Sasha Banks (that’s gonna be legit).

I’m sure we will also see some Bray / Daniel Bryan Shenanigans, and I’m sure we won’t go a show without seeing Sheamus.

Also in some very interesting news, Scott Steiner made his debut in NWA this past week, and it looks as if Taz has signed with AEW!!, I’m thinking it will be in a commentator role due to them recently getting the second show, but you can never rule out an in ring angle with him, should be interesting to say the least.

8:05 – Yeah I TOTALLY didn’t flip the channel to USA out of habit, and sit there wondering why Law And Order was still on at 8:04… but in other news.. KANE!!!!!, and now Bray!!! oh please let this happen.

8:09 – They gave Ramblin Rabit a carrot juice I.V. hahahahahaha that’s fucking hillarious. And I LOVE Kane staring Bray down… AWESOME.

8:12 – Daniel Bryan should weave those dreds he ripped out of Brays head into his own hair, or wear them around his neck like..

8:16 – Sound is a little wonky tonight, not sure if Kayla’s microphone is working.

8:18 – A STRAP MATCH!!!!! WTF!! honestly I don’t remember seeing one of those since I was a teenager… holy crow that’s gonna be AWESOME!!!!

8:28 – Seriously I want a match between Big E and Keith Lee, that shit would be insane.. honestly WWE make me a booker, make this happen NOW, the WWE Universe couldn’t handle that level of awesome.

8:35 – That State Farm commercial where the kid gets a station wagon as a first car and he’s upset, irritates the hell out of me.. My first and second cars were station wagons, and I had a LOT of fun in them. 1’st was a 1986 Pontiac Parisienne with wood paneling, second was a 1987 Subaru DL wagon, those cars represented FREEDOM, nobody cared what the car was, just that we had one and we could do whatever we wanted.

8:42 – Glad to see that the Usos are back, and that Jimmy hopefully has beat his demons.. I’m also glad to see that they and The Revival have basically resumed their rivalry like it never stopped, they always put on great matches.

8:53 – Please tell me that Otis is gonna be the cause of the Fire and Desire breakup, that Mandy and Sonia will be fighting over Otis’ affections.. I am ALL FOR THIS!!!! anything that gets Otis more TV time!!!! OTIS!!!!!

8:59 – The psychology of wrestling always amazes me, how the same tried and true techniques can turn a face / heel, or heel / face is amazing. I know it involves the crowd buying it, but the ability to generate NUCLEAR level heat with shit we’ve seen 1000 times before is impressive. For instance Lacey Evans, she was a huge heel, now generates great pop.

9:11 – Bayley sold the FUCK out of that “Women’s Right”

9:14 – So…. how much product does Sheamus have to use in his hair every day??? that shit is VERTICAL…

9:35 – Damnit love me some Otis!!!! love the Otis Commentary running in the background of this match LOL!!!!

9:37 – HOLY CRAP THE FACE OTIS JUST MADE WHEN HE CAUGHT MANDY WAS FUCKING HILARIOUS!!!! I seriously hope a GIF is made of it toot sweet.

9:47 – nothing like having Roman on your main event AGAIN… is this EVERY WEEK??? I honestly can’t think of a Smackdown since WWE moved to FOX where Roman wasn’t the main event… well shit that was a bump… holy fuck…

9:57 – Falls count anywhere??? really??? that’s the “stipulation”??? Could have gone with Cage / Cell / Dog Food on a pole / but we get falls count anywhere? I’m hoping this means big bump central, like Shane level bump. But probably not.

In any event, not a bad show, I still think Smackdown has some pacing issues, it should be a little faster paced than RAW because of the missing hour, but it just feels like a “Shorter RAW” if that makes any sense. But next week… oh next week… the go home shows for Rumble and Worlds Collide so you know they are going to be leaving us hanging…

Until Next Time Everyone,

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