Of Marks And Men 1/15/20 – NXT and AEW

January 15, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

Holy Cow tonight is shaping up to be a BEAST of a show for both companies, with only a week to go before “Worlds Collide” on the 25th, this show will be packed full of awesome content, such as the continuation of the “Dusty Rhodes Memorial Tag Team Tournament”, a Battle Royale to determine Rhea Ripley’s next opponent, and a Triple threat match to determine the #1 contender for the Cruiser weight belt.

Meanwhile over on AEW, we are going in the wayback machine, as live from Miami, they are resurrecting an old WCW classic “Bash At The Beach” and their card is also STACKED!!! if you ask me, on paper it looks like the better show we’ve got: Mox V. Guevara, Pac V. Allin, and a 4 way tag match featuring the Bucks, Omega / Page, Santana / Ortiz, and Best Friends, just to name a few, and that isn’t even mentioning the women’s tag match featuring Shida / Statlander. Yeah that show is going to be legit!!!

Speaking of AEW, congratulations are definitely in order for AEW, as TNT announced just today that they have been renewed through 2023 AND… that they are ordering a SECOND SHOW!!!!! Which is wonderful news, as it will provide even MORE opportunities for talent to get TV time. I’m happy to see that the brand is growing, but the REALLY need to work on their production value (I won’t back down from that, regardless of their success)

8:04 – Not sure how great an idea it was to open NXT with a promo against a star studded AEW Tag Team 4 way.

I mean AEW curb stomped NXT in the ratings last week, and I’m thinking that NXT needed to come out guns blazing.

8:11 – swear to god, I cannot deal with wrestlers who wear boots with no kneepads, it’s weird, i don’t understand it, and it makes them look like they are wearing underwear and boots, not wrestling gear.

8:21 – I love this “reluctant” dynamic that Omega and Page have with each other, they play it so well, like neither fully wants to be there, -OR- trusts the other one, but yet they keep winning.

8:22 – I wonder if DDP has to pay for all that advertisement time? Standing there in his DDPY gear, doing Yoga, it’s funny AF really.

8:26 – Cody comes out looking like Don Johnson circa Miami Vice, swear to god if he had a Ferrari Testarossa it would complete the look.

8:31 – Someone else pointed this out, but it bears mentioning, Andrews / Webster are performing at this high a level 3 DAYS after a brutal ladder match, AND having to fly over from the U.K., that shit is impressive.

8:43 – 2 interesting things from that last NXT segment

  1. a little DIY reunion… NOTHING is unintentional, so I’m intrigued to see where that goes
  2. No matter how hard NXT tries to make Cole, and UE heels, it NEVER sticks, they are like the top tweeners in the business right now.

8:57 – Sammy Guevara V. Mox is gonna be insane!!!! and I love this Sammy with the Cue cards again!!!! hilarious!!!! why they have this fascination with cutting to the small box during promo’s is beyond me.

9:03 – Rare mistake by Kushida, he jumped off the top too early before the push came. Now GYV are cutting a great promo calling the NXT crowd “hipsters” who are pretending to know who Alex Shelley is, LMAO, probably not wrong though….

9:17 – I have no idea which way to look, both shows are insane tonight. And I’m loving the Mox Vs. The World angle AEW is working between him and Inner Circle, he’s never bothered to make friends with anyone in AEW, so it makes sense that NO ONE would go to help him, will serve his character being an animal backed into a corner.

9:28 – I love the Cruiserweight belt getting some love on NXT, but it really needs to be a fully featured belt. (I’ll never not stop saying that)

9:35 – Let this sink in for a moment… DDP is 63 YEARS OLD!!! he is working a match with dudes in their 20’s and HOLDING HIS OWN at 63 YEARS OLD!!!!! dude just jumped off the top rope onto the ground at 63 YEARS OLD… holy fudge nuggets.

9:38 – Poor Adam Cole, it happened again, he ate a shoulder full of Keith Lee, this time through a hedge…

9:47 – Tegan Nox has made her return from “injury” (it was time off) and SHAYNA’S BACK!!!!!! I thought for sure that Baszler was going to RAW or Smackdown, but I guess I was wrong..

9:48 – And I think pound for pound there is no more “over” wrestler in AEW than Darby Allin, the arena pops it’s top off when he shows up. it’s only a matter of time before he gets the title.

10:07 – Damn it… why did Baszler have to get eliminated, although I have to say that I would really be up for Belair / Ripley at Takeover Portland. But regardless Belair or Shirai, neither is dethroning Ripley.

10:10 – And it’s Belair, and lets be honest, that’s the best match.

Well honestly what a fantastic night on both ends. AEW was incredible, and NXT was high quality as always. I still don’t understand how the ratings were so tilted AEW’s way last week, hopefully this week it evened out, as the Black and Yellow brand BROUGHT IT.

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