Note the Passing…

January 12, 2016 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

The weekend of January 9th through the 10th of 2016 was progressively harsh to fans of creative works, largely in regards to music with the passing of David Bowie at the age of 69. As many, many better and more informed people have written huge amounts to the rememberance of him, I’ll be brief. Bowie was an amazing talent of myriad interests, obviously for his music and occasional film work. His smirk and wry sense of humor seem to show up in the oddest of places, becoming singular enigmatic character quirks that were just so… Bowie. For the masses, he’ll always be Ziggy Stardust. For me, he’ll always be the unnamed coxswain in YELLOWBEARD. Rest easy, David.

As are the ways of life and death, one person’s passing supersedes another’s. Just prior to the announcement of Bowie’s death, members of the acting profession lost the man known as Angus Scrimm, one of horror films most iconic figures. As the Tall Man, the villain of the 1979 movie PHANTASM, Angus creeped his way into the nightmares and memories of millions of fans, finding that elusive notoriety acting feeds upon. Angus continued playing the part of the Tall Man through three sequels of PHANTASM, completing an amazing and bizarre quartet of interconnected films with director/producer Don Coscarelli. He also appeared in television shows like ALIAS and FreakyLinks, to the pleasure of his fans. His delivery and deep voice were traits he used to his benefit, of which I will remember him for as much as the imagery of the Tall Man. Angus had been in declining health in recent years, but willingly joined the cast of the upcoming fifth movie to continue the tale of the Tall Man and his silver spheres, PHANTASM: RAVAGER. Leaving the Earth at the age of 89, Angus Scrimm, born Lawrence Rory Guy, a life well played.

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