Eden #1- A G.I. Gary Advance Comic Review!

July 14, 2018 Author: Gary Viola

Eden #1
Alterna Comics, July 2018

Writer & Penciler: Eric Henson
Inker: Michael Babinski
Colorist: Steve Downer
Letterer: Robert Doan
Editors: Jamilla Henson & Todd Dezago

Later this month Alterna Comics releases Eden #1, their latest science fiction adventure comic. Eric Henson and his team deliver a solid book to compete with other titles in a crowded genre. While this can be an easily overlooked book, there’s several reasons to seriously consider it. Eden is the planet that our intrepid heroes find themselves,  a planet where everyone is supposed to live in “perfect harmony,” a utopia where the universe’s problems don’t pervade.  Obviously our heroic group of three wouldn’t have something to do if that were the case.  Our first hero, Neriah, the human woman who is at the center of the issue. She’s the main protagonist of the story, and also the narrator, and group leader. Her determination and call to action easily puts her on a higher level than her compatriots. Christian is the other human and he generally serves as a foil to Neriah. I wouldn’t call him the voice of reason, but he seems to play a role similar, like an advisor. Kla’tuu is a member of the Slyth race, and as such he has some special abilities that the group gets to use. He also exhibits the most sense of humor of the group. These characters seem to work well as a whole, a balanced team. I’m left to wonder if Eric will explore them individually as the series progresses.

Starting this four issue limited series by literally having our heroes jump into action after only two pages of exposition and setting, the momentum is kept moving  as they face challenge after challenge. Each plot device brings about a component to add to the story because Henson didn’t spoil it in the opening exposition. He’s essentially leaving crumbs for our heroes to continue on their journey, and details for us to fill in the whole story as we turn the page. Eric’s layouts control the storytelling and pacing well. The reader’s eye is guided so the story is visually engaging and easy to follow.  The angles of many panels are cinematic in nature. Others are reminiscent of “Wally Wood’s 22 Panels That Always Work.” It’s a great blend that keeps one engaged and moves the story along smoothly. His art has a fine line and is detailed, and he does well with expressions and the art serves the story well alongside his writing. Overall, the balance between image and words really gives the impression of a highly polished comic pro.

The inks and colors add nicely to the story. Michael Babinski uses a fine line on most of his inking to complement Eric’s details. The characters are well defined and there are lots of details in the backgrounds. Steve Downer’s colors are heavy on the blues and reds, giving a dark, yet rich feel to the planet Eden. With greens and yellows as backgrounds and highlights, there’s a lot of immersive colors on the page. Alterna uses newsprint, and this palette should stand out particularly well in that format.

I’d be remiss not to notice the great job letterer Robert Doan does. The word balloons for some of the aliens are just terrific with the change in font and shape, a great way to discern from the other characters. Well done word placement is a key feature here too.

This is a 5 Beers out of a 6 Pack comic.  At a $1.50, only avoid this book if you don’t like sci-fi. Looking forward to reading issue #2!

Until next time!

Preview copy supplied to us by Alterna Comics.

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