An Arguing With Myself Review: Long Lost

March 30, 2019 Author: Chris Frodel

Seth (Adam Weppler) is a young man invited to spend a weekend at the Connecticut mansion of his long lost millionaire half-brother Richard (Nicholas Tucci). With the help of his enigmatic live-in girlfriend, Abby (Catherine Corcoran), Richard keeps Seth questioning as to why he was brought there in the first place and where their relationship stands.

Are you enjoying your dinner with a side of…awkward?

I went into Long Lost with knowing little to no information about it. The only thing I DID know about the film was that it was by Erik Bloomquist, a name you should be aware of through this site. Having seen and loved his previous effort, the short film She Came From The Woods, I was excited to see what he could accomplish as a full length feature. I have to say, he didn’t disappoint.

Long Lost is a psychological thriller. From the beginning, we, as the audience, see this visit through Seth’s eyes. We are, essentially, placed in his shoes, navigating the environment we’re finding ourselves in. Nicholas as Richard, is a manic presence that keeps you uneasy throughout. At times he can be standoffish and cold but in another moment trying desperately  to connect with Seth. Abby plays well as a mediator between the brothers, while  also possibly harboring her own agenda. The three of them command the audiences’ attention and propel the film to its surprising conclusion.

Go on doing what you’re doing, I’m just over here making a snack.

Mr. Bloomquist is, without a doubt, a filmmaker to look out for. His unique voice puts a fresh take on themes we’ve seen before. The use of tension and unease throughout the film made me feel like a voyeur watching these three strangers, not wanting to turn away. But don’t YOU turn away and certainly do go see Long Lost.

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