The Ringo Awards

July 7, 2017 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

Mike Wieringo was a fan-favorite artist known for his long stretches of work with writer Mark Waid, at both Marvel and DC Comics. His art was fresh and stylistically distinct, that of a true comic book professional. Sadly, he left the mortal coil far too soon, in 2007, at the age of 44. Leaving a position at the top of your game is always a significant circumstance of a life event, but dying at the top of your game leaves a hole in the lives of your fellows that is hard to reconcile.

Now a decade since Mike’s passing, the fine folks at the Baltimore Comic-Con have set up a memorial to the man, to commemorate his life, while celebrating the art form he loved so much. They have created the Mike Wieringo Comic Book Industry Awards, or more simply, the Ringo Awards. The Ringo’s are a fully-inclusive award process, allowing for fans, pros and semi-pros to vote along with the chosen industry representatives selecting from the nominees.

The voting is similar to that of the old Comic Book Buyer’s Guide Fan Awards from yesteryear, with choices of “Favorite Villain” and “Best New Series” on the ballot to fill out with your own hopefuls to win. Choose wisely, as only comics and creators from the 2016 year are considered for the inaugural Ringo Awards. To vote, head to the Ringo Awards page and get to thinking of your favorites from 2016. While you’re at it, check out the Baltimore Comic-Con website and see what you might miss if you don’t go this year. It looks like a great show.

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