The Pint O’ Comics 2018 Awards Winners!

February 4, 2019 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)


The ballots have been counted, the votes tallied, the submissions checked for accuracy and the winners are finally in for the first Pint O’ Comics Awards! With a long gestation period, we’ll get right into it.

There were 12 categories in the “Top Shelf” section of the Awards, where all listeners and voters were allowed to make their own selection of favorites. Here are the categories and winners.

With a surprising number of series and titles receiving single votes, the only title to land multiple nominations was this fine, oversized series from writer Mike Carey and artist Peter Gross. A fantasy of a different breed, it was originally published in France as a single book in the same size produced for the mini-series produced in the US. Now also available as a collection of the mini-series, IDW and the creators look to continue the series in the same format. Other titles getting votes included The Immortal Hulk from Marvel, Doomsday Clock from DC, and Invincible from Image.

This was a difficult listing for most of those voting. All games selected were from prior to a 2018 release, except for Mondo Games’ The Thing game, based on John Carpenter’s version of the film. A great hidden-identity thriller, the game firmly plants you in the events of the 1982 cult classic, with a fun mechanic to get the table really rocking. It’s a solid win for the game. It was hard not to attempt to allow the other games voted, as all are still being produced, but that wasn’t the aim for this award. Next time, Movie Buff.

An overwhelming run of nominations from the ballots selected the start of the Infinity Gauntlet tale in the Avengers movies from Marvel Studios. The cyberpunk flick Upgrade made an impression on a few voters while the rest of the selections all received single votes.

With such an open vote as the First Pint Awards, it would tend to have a broad list of nominees from ballots. As in other categories, the winner here beat out all the others by being the only one with multiple votes. Season Three of Daredevil obviously struck a chord in 2018, pushing aside other series voted for, such as Bojack Horseman, Star Trek: Discovery, and Better Call Saul.

While some categories have winners with a slim margin of victory, it isn’t the case here. With almost a unanimous victory, the latest Spider-Man game for Sony’s PlayStation 4 takes the award here.

As mentioned above, the open balloting for the Pint O’ Comics Awards has made for some difficult tallies. Some categories received a lengthy list of single votes, with Favorite Magazine being the first. Since a long list of ties wouldn’t be prudent, a selection was made at random by the 6-Pack. Rue Morgue, a long-running magazine from Canada centering on the horror genre, lands the first of these random selected winners. Other selections included Cinema Retro, Back Issue, and a strange nomination for Wood Magazine.

With just a few nominations receiving single votes, the category of Favorite Book also had to be chosen by the 6-Pack. Michelle McNamara’s book, formally called I’ll be Gone in the Dark: One Woman’s Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer, was released by HarperCollins two years after her passing, completed by three men including her husband Patton Oswalt. If a true crime investigation into an unsolved case isn’t your thing, maybe one of the other nominations on the list might be. They include The Beastie Boys Book by Michael Diamond and Adam Horovitz, DC Comics before Superman by Nicky Wheeler-Nicholson, and The Outsider by Stephen King.

I’m a little disappointed in you voters, here. The winner of this category is the sole nominated title. Have graphic novels become passe? I have a hard time believing that. Regardless, Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips win the award here.

With another category being glutted with nominations, the 6-Pack once again drew from a hat with the Batman: White Knight artist coming out as winner. Other nominees included Steve Mannion, Jason Fabok, Mitch Gerads, and Brian Shearer.

As with the Favorite Artist category, a selection needed to be made by the 6-Pack. Brian K. Vaughan, the man behind Saga, Paper Girls and so, so many titles from earlier DC and Marvel work, lands this award. Other nominees included Cullen Bunn, Donny Cates, and some guy named Jolly Blackburn.

Marvel just barely edged out newcomer AHOY Comics for the First Pint Awards, surprising even this ballot counter. They must be doing something right. Other companies voted for included Dark Horse, Alterna and Image.

By a wide margin, the voters have shown their territorial markers by making sure TerrifiCon received this award. No other event received multiple votes, and TerrifiCon received the most votes in any category. Other events nominated were the Elm City Brewfest, CT Horrorfest, and something called New England VegFest.

The “Complimentary Best” was a selection of 8 categories centered squarely on Pint O’ Comics. In it, we wanted to know what the listeners liked best about the show, maybe getting us to improve our output. Here are the categories and the winners in each.

The “King of the Nerds” himself, head of TerrifiCon, and overall great guy, Mitch Hallock ran away with this award and never looked back. Makes you think someone should draw a cartoon of it, doesn’t it? He beat out other such luminaries as Larry Dwyer, Ron Garney, and Jeff “Beachbum” Berry.

The only unanimous winner, our own Lloyd “Manster” Green received almost as many votes as TerrifiCon did for Favorite Event/Convention, but he had no one to contend against. Well done, Manster.

A latecomer to the website, Lady Ganache has only a brief handful of articles up and has taken the award here. You’ll definitely be seeing more from the beginnings of the next 6-pack, putting us closer to the 12. Other nominees were Sir Jon’s Galaktikon #1 Review, and G.I. Gary’s article on the Cobra H.E.A.T. Viper.

The only true tie on the ballot count, both FB and Twiddler received the exact same votes. We should all fear for our lives. Only the Pint website received any other votes.

Votes ranged far and wide here, and none received more than a single vote. With another ‘selection out of a hat’ for the winner, the 6-Pack pulled the September 9th, 2018 episode as favorite. Johnny Ganache and Guest Host Jerry Morgan discussed music with Chris Taylor Beaudette, which was eventually released as a podcast episode called The Twilight Bone. Check it out! Episodes with Rob and Christine Caprilozzi, Tim Clarke, Doug Paszkiewicz, and Michael Kelleher were also voted on.

The only episode to receive multiple votes, our signature show with Ron Garney seemed to be a hit. Other episodes revolved around it, such as Episode 49, “Luigi’s Kind of Floaty” with Mike Fullam, Episode 51, “Y’all Got Notebooks” with Manster, and Episode 40, “Chad Word”.

Originally aired live on WESU September 22nd 2018, this was the Mitch Hallock show that everyone liked. As noted, it was released to the podcast streaming service and became popular enough to win this category. Other nominees included Episode 65, “Curt Schilling Hair”, the radio show with Lee Pfeiffer, and the radio episode with the Mobile Horror Companion.

This category ranged from soft drinks to hard liquors. Unfortunately, none of them got more than a single vote, so the 6-Pack reached back into the magic hat to pick a winner, with the cidery in Wallingford landing the award. Sampled on the podcast at least once, the NE Cider Company continues to be popular amongst the adult drinkers of the Pint. Other nominees included Jeppson’s Malort, Olde Burnside’s Dirty Penny Ale, and YooHoo.

The final category of the First Pint Awards is the “Toast of the Industry”. Here we wanted you to pick someone that has done more for, as it was subtitled, Excellence in the Community. There were a few nominees, but none received the sheer number of votes Mitch Hallock did. Mitch Hallock, you are a true “Toast of the Industry” for being the King of the Nerds, for TerrifiCon, for CT Gamer Con, and probably for just being the guy you are.

That’s it, the winners of the First Pint O’ Comics Awards. We’ll do it again for 2019, maybe with a little more structure to avoid multiple categories with single votes, maybe with fewer categories, maybe with more. Some sort of certificate or trophy will be mocked up for the winners, just so they’re aware they were part of something unique. Thanks to all that voted!

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