The Pint Invades!!! – Elm City Brew Fest 2019

November 26, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Well, another year, another Elm City Brew Festival at College Street Music Hall in New Haven, CT. If you’ve been following us for any length of time, I’m sure you have seen last years hilarious videos, if not head over to our YouTube Channel, and click on “Playlists” to see them (we didn’t have the YouTube channel last year so I had to link them from mine) But this year was EVEN BETTER, more Breweries, more people, more fun, So check out some of the highlights of our day, and hopefully you get inspired to grab some tickets for yourselves next year.

As always yours truly had the camera on hand to document the eventual fall from sobriety, and well, the guys didn’t disappoint. Check it out!!! (be advised I age restricted this video as there is some language, and of course alcohol consumption. I would also say it’s NSFW so proceed with caution)

It’s at this point I have to give some major props to my wife Jodie, many of the pictures of the day were taken by her as I was busy with the video camera. Below are some of the best shots she took over the course of the day:

As always we have to give a special thank you to Chris Verrilli, the main man behind the curtain, for allowing us to once again show up en masse and cover this wonderful event. It truly has become one of the highlights of our year. We at the Pint cannot thank you enough for your hospitality, and time.

Until Net Time Everyone,

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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