The Great Game, Ready’Reat 3 – Ready’Reat 4, 596 CY

March 22, 2016 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)


Last session, the party had been split up, regrouped and had been surrounded by moaning villagers. After killing the entire group of 30 villagers, the party discovered a crying boy the following morning. The boy accused the group of killing his parents, but had instructions to lead them all to his Master Staad.

This session is comprised of two game nights.

With the boy informing the party of his instructions to bring them to Lord Staad, the group becomes increasingly disdainful of his assistance and complaints regarding killing his parents. They do choose to follow the lad, though with great concern for themselves.

“You will see your parents soon.” ~ Wotek, 3rd of Ready’reat, 596 CY

The lad brings the group to the outskirts of the area around the Tower of Staad, where they access the situation. The tower is a stone construct of no noticeable doors or windows, topped with merlons. Scattered around the land surrounding the tower is a series of wooden buildings, mostly single-story structures with a few barns. Most look to be of younger construction. No people are seen immediately.

Constant threats against the boy are overheard and he attempts to break away from the group and run straight for the tower. Yip succeeds in tripping the boy up with bolas, knocking him out in the process. Retrieving him and dumping him in the goat cart attracts attention from unseen people amongst the buildings and the party begins receiving arrow fire.

Long distance attacks from both sides occur for a few minutes while some within the party ride their mounts into the fray, closing combat to melee. Some within the party are struck by arrows, most are not. Paxalor takes massive damage from arrow fire, prompting Nadrine to enter the fray on her assault donkey, in an attempt to heal her compadre.

The others all enter into melee combat with armed and armored villagers amongst the outbuildings of the Tower of Staad. Ceelo uses a Fly spell to keep an eye on late entries into the fight, spotting a large number of other villagers running between further buildings as the fight continues. He uses Fireball and Web on them, keeping any reinforcements at bay. The fighting goes on, with Fezgil using spells and his Gloves of Lightening, the warriors using their weapons and Yip using his goat cart to trample some of the shorter villagers.

As the fight winds down, Paxalor ignites the Web spell with fire, burning those trapped within alive. Some within the group try to interrogate those within the Web spell before they’re burned alive, with all answering with one voice and one answer: “Staad will destroy you all.”

Not seeing any other attacks forthcoming, the group moves quickly to the tower itself, leaving the villagers to burn in the Web spell. No doors or windows are seen anywhere on the tower, though a wide pathway leads up to and surrounds the tower base. The tower stands roughly 75 feet in height, 60 feet in circumference and is made of non-patterned stonework with mortar. Yip’s investigative search for any openings ends in naught and the party discusses how to enter the tower.

“That was like ten minutes ago. I don’t have that much of an attention span.” ~ Fezgil, Ready’reat 3rd, 596 CY

After a short discussion, both Fezgil and Ceelo use Fly spells to ferry the entire group (minus Babs and new member Stellan, who remain with the mounts) to the top of the tower, starting with Yip, who searches for entryways and locates none. With all at the top, Killian casts Stone Shape to gain entry. With a large hole now in the tower top, the group is suddenly enveloped in an explosive cloud, causing pain and damage to all within. Ceelo attempts to Fly off the tower top and collides with an invisible barrier, collapsing back to the tower in an unconscious heap. Nadrine brings him back to the brink of life but all continue to take damage while within the cloud that is not dissipating. Fezgil Flies into the hole made by Killian and smashes into a wall and/or floor as his spell is destroyed. Ropes tied to the top of the tower are lowered into the hole and the others all join, though Nadrine drops to unconsciousness. Healing spells are used up in this top room space as Yip searches for an exit, finding none. Light sources are ignited while Fezgil Detects Magic. Seeing magical dweomers throughout the mortar and interior edges of the tower, it’s determined that the entire tower might be magical in nature.

Killian is unable to cast a second Stone Shape and all other options seem to be played out, so Fezgil attempts to Dispel Magic on the dweomer within the tower. Failing, Ceelo then makes an attempt and is fully successful, causing the tower to collapse in upon itself. Though all have a brief attempt at actions, none are successful and all fall into the tower and are crushed to death by the stones.

Outside, Stellan observes this situation, drawing the mounts away from the area as night sets in. He heads deeper into the heights of the Lorridges to wait out the night and determine his actions the following day. His night is fitful as howls, screams and sounds of an unearthly nature are heard throughout and into the early hours of the 4th of Ready’reat.

Session end.

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