The Great Game – Interlude 1

December 17, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)


Many situations have occurred to the Fond of Justice (League) over the years we’ve been playing, both before and after the inception of the named group. They’ve met many a personality that has either willingly joined up with the group, been forced to accede to the group’s decisions, or become their enemy. Woe to the enemy of the FoJ… and sometimes woe to be their friend.

Avot is a cleric of Pelor, of the Shining Light. Pelor is the god of the sun and healing, a very well-liked and appreciated lord of his domain across the Flanaess. Avot was part of another adventuring group that had been attacked by a band of filthy goblins and had been split up in a forested region. Gradually, the wayward remnants of their group were found by the not-yet FoJ, consisting of future FoJ founder Spaartuk amongst a small handful of others. Avot, Dardonero (a fighter of two weapons) and Aggie (a lady thief) were all accepted into an arrangement of mutual aid for a time, until after some further adventures, only Avot remained.

The priest of Pelor found he was often needed to assist the new group he had joined, however annoyed he became with them as they pressed on. Eventually, even though his order is goodly aligned, he didn’t feel he could continue with the group. They had become wild, unpredictable and more than a little mean to the general public, often without any repercussions. He finally had had enough and was going to leave the group, but was forced to continue by magical means from the warrior Urg Growltooth, who physically petrified the poor cleric. Repeatedly.

Avot was finally able to leave the group at some point, though he continued to be contacted or harassed for a time. Avot currently resides in a new, burgeoning township deep in the territory of the Rovers of the Barrens, a nomadic people that grew fond of the cleric for curing a sickness. Avot was a prime mover of the faithful to Pelor during a schism in the church, masterminded by a High Priestess in the great city of Greyhawk. He refused to fall to the church’s machinations during the schism, calling many excommunicated and hunted clerics and followers to him until the schism was exposed for the evil that it was, with the assistance of the FoJ.

While Avot was never a member of the Fond of Justice (League), he remains close to some of them; regardless of his overall feelings towards the group he considers a misanthropic bunch of ruffians with too much power.

Avot is human, tall, with a pale complexion. He is typically very forward and friendly, though his time adventuring has made him somewhat frustrated with certain personality types. He believes his faith in Pelor and faith in the goodness of what Pelor provides can make things better for all, regardless of birth. He is married to another former ally of the FoJ, the singer Jorandy.

Due to a lack of players, there was no session this week.

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