The Great Game, Harvester 25 – Patchwall 27, 596 CY

February 2, 2016 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)



Previously, the Baron of Kron Kite and leader of the Fond of Justice (League) organized a rescue mission with the surviving members of a team of FoJ friends who were helping the druid Killian complete a task as requested by her order. Succeeding in the rescue, the entirety of the group recuperated at the Barony.

One day after returning to the Barony, Morton gathers all pertinent peoples at the Barony’s temple to Pelor, where the recently rescued adventurers recuperate. Among them: Morton, Yip, Giraud, Solstrum, Riko, Ceelo, Bale, Antori, and the wounded ones: Zeke, Nadrine, Killian, Hannah, Paxalor, Golbagai, Shoshana and Fezgil. Joining them were Melin, an old hireling of Morton, Wotek, a fighter/cleric of the Dwarven god Clanggedin Silverbeard, and Glimshoi, gnomish illusionist.

The recovering folk are barely able to keep their eyes open, and Nadrine of Talmanulbut is completely unconscious, but Morton insists on getting all to agree on a course of action for the near future. Is the mission Killian was sent on to eliminate the vampire in the Lorridges viable and necessary? Is the search for the remaining component pieces of the Rod of Seven Parts over or just postponed? When should everyone leave? What’re Solstrum’s plans?

All members present are questioned, even the unconscious Nadrine. Killian intends to return to the Lorridges and kill the vampire. Yip and Riko prefer to chase the remaining pieces of the Rod of Seven Parts, but Riko will go where the larger party goes. Golbagai and Zeke want to kill vampires, which Antori agrees to. Hannah feels that killing a vampire that might threaten her homeland is the proper course of action. Glimshoi opts out of anything the entire gathering wants to do and Morton wants nothing to do with anyone except Shoshana, who agrees with Morton to abandon these people. Diana and Gromann are dismissed from service.

Melin, former hireling of Morton, is reintroduced to the majority, and introduced to those that have never met him. Wotek and Glimshoi talk amongst the group with dueling accents, confounding the recuperating party. Giraud initially wants to continue to kill vampires until he and Solstrum discover a need to separate from the group. Giraud’s exploits have caused the development of a large amount of men interested in following him, driving the need to find their own headquarters. Yip tries to explain to the recuperating members of all his previous vampire killing experience, which may or may not amount to much. As always, much arguing ensues as to where and when everyone will go.

The recuperating need 30 days of rest to fully regain their faculties before leaving. Solstrum has needs and would not be chasing vampires in another territory, as well as having to throw a large Brewfest celebration in the Barony in the hopes to raise morale amongst the populace. Morton, begging off, leaves the Barony, taking Shoshana with him.

“Riko would go where Morton goes because his tongue is so far up his ass…” ~ Killian, 25th of Harvester, 596 CY

The decision is made to chase the vampire in the Lorridges, hoping it isn’t actually a wampyr, or that there are other oddities amongst the mist where the whole thing began. As such, waiting for the thirty days of recuperating commences, during which: the Brewfest celebration goes off without a hitch, Melin gets caught up on recent adventures and restocking of provisions begins.

On the 20th of Patchwall, after all are recovered enough to travel, Zeke and Fezgil take a trip to the Free City of Dyvers, intending to get their life energy restored to them that was taken by the wampyr in Pottsylvania. Arriving at the temple of Zilchus, where Morton has an open account for needed assistance, Zeke and Fezgil are sadly turned away. Too much time has passed since the incident in question, keeping them from any such Restoration. They dejectedly return to FoJ HQ the next day.

While provisioning, the group realizes that the Bag of Holding Excessive Quantity is missing. Last seen in Morton’s possession, it’s assumed he still has it, though no one knows where he went. It’s thought that chasing Morton might be needed, but that is eventually quashed. A team is put together to continue “Killian’s Quest,” consisting of:

  1. Zeke, human fighter, 2nd level
  2. Wotek, dwarven fighter/cleric of Clanggedin Silverbeard, level 5/7
  3. Yip, Halfling thief, 9th level
  4. Riko, half-orc fighter, 9th level
  5. Ceelo, high elven magic-user, 8th level
  6. Nadrine of Talmanulbut, human cleric of Pelor, 4th level
  7. Melin, human thief, 7th level
  8. Killian, human druid, 7th level
  9. Hannah, human fighter, 4th level
  10. Golgabai, half-orc fighter, 9th level
  11. Fezgil, Valley Elf magic-user/cleric of Boccob, level 5/5
  12. Paxalor, half-elven fighter, 6th level

Wotek, ever the organizer, insisted on a spokesperson or leader for the group. A lengthy discussion followed, with the majority thinking that Killian, as questor, should lead. As a druid, she’s impartial as well, pressing for hopefully wise decisions.

“I need an always decision-making person.” ~ Wotek, 22nd of Patchwall, 596 CY

Outfitting the party began in earnest. Now that Morton is no longer with the group, mounts were needed for travel, as well as unencumbered foot travel. Yip gained himself a goat cart, while most of the others found themselves horses or donkeys. The solution to drink after passing through the mist is passed around, as the Bag of Ultimate Capacity is with Morton. Hannah tells all that when they arrive in Veluna City, her family will put them up for the night. The newly reformed group for Killian’s Quest leaves the Barony on the 22nd of Patchwall.

“I was around when you were knee-high to a tree root!” ~ Melin to Killian, 22nd of Patchwall 596 CY.

Five days later, travelling through the territory of Verbobonc and into Veluna, the group arrives at Veluna City, capitol of the nation. While staying in Hannah Fury’s family home, the party willingly raided the family pantry, leaving with a good amount of food for their trip. While in the city, Hannah follows through on paying the widow and children of Graham, her mercenary that didn’t survive the trip. The group leaves the city on the 26th of Patchwall.

“Yip is weak-willed, he is not responsible for his actions.” ~ Wotek, 26th of Patchwall, 596 CY

A day later, the party arrived at the outer reaches of the Lorridges, choosing an advance into the hills.

Session end.

“I’ve been in bed for 30 days. I didn’t plan anything!” ~ Nadrine of Talmanulbut, 21st of Patchwall, 596 CY

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