The Great Game, Harvester 24, 596 CY

January 27, 2016 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)



At the end of last session, the half-orc warrior Giraud had broken the large, gem-like structure that had ensnared the soul-spirits of most of his fellow explorers. Using magical items borrowed from the others, he was able to protect himself and destroy the gemoid, with the hopes that all involved would be saved. Nearby, the rest of the rescue party stood over a defeated red dragon, expecting a second one to attack.

Special note: As many players were unable to attend game due to a variety of reasons, including delayed flights from wintery storms and the drudgery of inventory, it was brief session.

The gemoid now shattered, the splayed-out bodies of Killian, Hannah, Golbagai, Nadrine, Shoshana, Fezgil, Paxalor and Zeke all begin to show signs of life. All slowly wake except for Nadrine, and all discover they are as weak as a newborn. Diana, priestess of Pelor, examines the newly rescued party members for a time, learning there is little she can do to assist. She informs Baron Solstrum that they should be returned to a place of power as quickly as possible to get them the aid they need.

As no more noise from the second (or the third, if you’re keeping count) dragon is heard for some time, Solstrum, Ceelo, Bale and Riko collect some of the dragon’s scales and blood while Gromann and Diana put the rest back in the Bag of Extremely Large Capacity for ease of travel. A lengthy discussion is had, as defeating the evil of this area is seen as The Right Thing to Do by Solstrum. Morton is adamant though, not willing to remain any longer than needed. As the mission was a success and completed, it’s time to return home. With little left to argue, all agree it’s time to head back.

Bypassing the dead dragon stuffed inside the castle passage, the group stopped at the castle foyer, near the other dead dragon. Some collecting of fallen dragon scales was done, as Ceelo peered out the broken doors of the entrance, noticing that the Phantom Steeds were no longer in the courtyard. Not enough time had passed for the spell of Phantom Steed to have worn off, infuriating Morton, and delaying the group again as more discussion was had.

Morton was capable of casting Phantom Steed again, and chose to do so with the others’ insistence. Exiting the castle to cast the spell, the others joined him, milling about while Morton performed the minutes-long ritual. While waiting, Solstrum spotted movement on the front of the castle’s wall, above the entrance. He was just able to move out of the way as a blast of fire erupted from a camouflaged red dragon, hanging onto the side of the structure. Morton’s spell was ruined from the attack and the damage he took, and most of the others were scorched as well. Solstrum began to levitate up to get a better reach at the dragon, utilizing a long-forgotten gift from a long-lost weapon. The rest of the party scattered or ran for cover as the dragon leapt down, assailing Solstrum.

“It’s large, correct?” ~ A player, January 25th 2016

The young dragon didn’t give much of a fight as Solstrum and Riko attacked it directly, with blasts of magical lightning coming from Ceelo. Before the beast could do much damage, it was killed by numerous Magic Missiles from Gromann.

Short on spells to return home now, Morton offered to cast Tempus Fugit to get him (and some of the others) back up to speed. Within the confines of the spell, harvesting of dragon parts was done by many within the party, especially the Ranger, Bale.

Post-Tempus Fugit, Phantom Steed was cast and the group ran for the archway leading to Pottsylvania. On the run, Solstrum was reminded of the good cleric Darrovick, and asked to be brought to him before leaving. Riko lead everyone to the church of Luvvia, now in ruins and Darrovick missing. A quick examination leads all to believe the cleric finally lost his battle against the wampyr and wolves, so nothing more can be done.

Once again, they get to the gates of Pottsylvania and use the Gem of True Seeing to find their way through the mists and back to the Lorridges. From there, another Shadow Walk is cast and the whole of the rescue mission returns to Kron Kite, the Fond of Justice (League) Headquarters.

Now early evening of the 24th, Baron Solstrum ponders his immediate future and the Barony. Those rescued from Pottsylvania need to rest and recuperate for around 30 days, allowing for natural healing to occur. As the Baron has a lot on his plate, he finds he has needs of his own to consolidate control of the Barony.

“You can be a half-orc and still be welcome here.” ~ Baron Solstrum Ironwood, 24th Harvester, 596 CY… a Grey Elf.

Before retiring for the night, the Baron informs his secretary, Wyn Ironbranch, that a territory-wide celebration of Brewfest will be held, partly to give back to the people who have helped build the burgeoning land. He has need to return to see his daughter at Hardby but isn’t sure when or who should join him. He has imminent desires to see King Ivid IV of the Great Kingdom crushed into the dust, but has much to do to be able to get to that point. Many needs for the Baron at this time, but most will be put aside for at least one more night.

Session end.

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