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November 25, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

Long, long ago, when the Comic’s Buyers Guide was king of the weekly pop culture newspapers, I discovered a guy named Mark Evanier. He was a writer of an irregular column called News From Me that was incredibly entertaining, witty and informative. I learned he had written and co-created Groo the Wanderer (with the one and only Sergio Aragones), a bizarre parody of Conan the Barbarian that is still being published, of which I was passingly familiar but had never collected. With the advent of web logging, or “blogging” as the term came to disagreeably become known, Mark moved News From Me there, under a site with the same name. He logs in often and repeatedly throughout most days, posting everything from his personal thoughts about general news overtaking the air, his current projects or things he loves. In some ways it’s a lot like this site, except Mark has had a long and wonderful career in comics and television, working with many well-known people. He’s a Six Degrees of Separation guy, except he’s likely more of a One- or Two- Degrees person.



At NEWS FROM ME you’ll find Mark’s reminisces of people he’s worked with, or met, places he’s worked, advice for people wanting to get into similar work, beautifully written obituaries of famous (and not-so-famous) folk. He’ll give you links to products you should get your hands on that he fully endorses, including food. It’s a fully involved blog, there. You’ll find yourself fully engaged into anything he’s writing about, regardless of topic. Stories from his past are exceptionally well done and engrossing you can’t help but return frequently just to see what he’ll be writing about next. Highly recommended, especially if you’re a fan of older comedy routines or cartoons.


Some Groo comics are still available from Dark Horse. Can’t get to your FLCS? Find them HERE!

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