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November 23, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

As the Xmas season gets ever near, I figured an offering of some of my favorite things that are easily obtained would be good filler for Thanksgiving week, from all across the board of esoterica covered on this page.

I love games. Some of my favorites are old, out-of-print, long play scenarios that limit regular sittings. That said, these are some of the best “beer and pretzel” games, those that are easily picked up, set up and played with no experience necessary:

Of course, don’t forget that our friends and supporters of the From the Hip Podcast, Geek Fever Games, are having a great Black Friday sale of all their tabletop games, which are wholeheartedly fun and enjoyable!

I also love comics, regardless of how I feel about most of the product from the biggest companies being published currently. That said, here are some great books still available from a variety of sources that should be read. Remember, support your Friendly Local Comic Store if you can, using THIS SITE to find one, if you can’t.

Of course, there are great books still being reprinted at Marvel and DC, as well as Archie, Image, Oni Press and Dark Horse, but recommending them all would take years. Shop smart, shop… well, you know where.

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