Shelf Gratification – A Ganache twofer!!!

September 12, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

What’s up everyone!!! Recently Ganache had a chance to take a look at a couple of really interesting books, that do a great job a tugging on your nostalgia heartstrings.

The first Book is “Ad Astra” from author Michael Gingold, and published by 1984 Publishing. “Ad Astra” is a love note to all the classic newspaper movie ad’s that were a staple of the Sunday paper during my formative years of the 80’s and 90’s. I remember stealing the classified section of the New Haven Register (where my mother worked for almost 40 years!!!) every Sunday morning, and checking out all the new movie releases and showtimes while enjoying my Rice Crispies. It was a trip down memory lane getting to see all those classic ads again, and remembering how excited I was to see movies such as “Beyond Tunderdome”, “Terminator 2” (my first rated R movie that my older sister took me to) and “Independence Day”. Check the video out here:

And in our second video Ganache takes a look at an in depth tome dedicated to the oft under looked, and under appreciated sequel “Jaws 2”. The book entitled “Jaws 2, The Making Of A Hollywood Sequel”, is meticulously researched and penned by author Michael A. Smith.

How do you follow up one of the greatest movies ever made? Well if you want a behind the scenes look at the trials and tribulations involved in bringing “Jaws 2” to the silver screen, this is your book. Check out Ganache’s walkthrough here:

Edit: Ganache accidentally stated that this version is available on Amazon, unfortunately it is not, if you would like a copy of this version feel free to email the author Michael A. Smith Directly at Our apologies for the confusion.

Hopefully you enjoyed these looks at a couple of really interesting books. Make sure to keep an eye on our YouTube channel for other great reviews and features, and don’t forget to check out our weekly podcast, and radio show LIVE on 88.1, or the tune in radio app if you don’t live in the CT area.

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