Of Marks And Men – Smackdown 10/11/19 (WWE Draft – Part 1)

October 11, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Alright, lets get this moving, it’s part 1 of the WWE draft!!!! hot off a fantastic Wednesday evening where NXT and AEW went head to head for the second time, with (in my opinion) AEW taking the evening with a fantastic show. It’s time to find out which WWE Superstars will be heading to the companies respective programs. Ever since FOX gained the rights to “The Blue Brand” speculation has run high as to who will be going where, and with the majority of the companies storylines ended, it’s time to begin anew. The only difference this time around is there will be no crossover Superstars (which was a controversial when Vince instituted it a few months back) which should hopefully allow some (as of now) mid card wrestlers a chance to shine. Now don’t think for one second any of this is “random” I’m fairly certain that FOX wouldn’t have signed on the dotted line without knowing which Wrestlers they would be getting. I would expect that there will be a pretty even division of the headlining talent, but only time will tell. So without further ado……. on with the show…..

For the record, I absolutely LOVE the new Smackdown set, and honestly I love what FOX has done with trying to give the show a more “sports oriented” feel with the graphics, commentary etc.. I think it adds something that RAW should adopt.

8:03 – As speculated Roman Reigns (representing Smackdown) will be wrestling Seth Rollins (representing RAW) for the #1 pick.

WOW some mix of Boo’s and cheers for Rollins, not surprised after the abomination that was the Hell In A Cell Finale, just wondering who will win this as WWE doesn’t let either of these two loose…

8:08 – Holy jeebus this match is boring AF so far, nothing but rest holds, Reigns never really had the ability to carry a long match, he’s limited at best, and now Rollins has to take the role of “heel” for this match which is pointless, he’s all “bowing up” on Reigns. Why oh why can we just not let Seth be a heel, he’s so good at it, makes him more interesting. Seth’s “gimmick” is taking a beating and “digging deep” to win, and this doesn’t suit him at all, plus I love how there has been NO MENTION of HIAC with him, they are basically pretending it never happened, well not for nothing fans don’t really forget.

8:13 – Oh lookee another rest hold….. have to admit that was a hell of a show of strength (the sit down powerbomb) Seth could have sandbagged that HARD, but didn’t.

8:17 – I love how the “Superkick” isn’t even a finisher anymore, now they just drill each other 1/2 a dozen times each per match and it’s no more devastating than a normal kick.

8:19 – FUCKING YAWN!!!!! and F’NG obvious…. REALLY… Fiend through the mat, come the F on, how stupid…. Grow a set, and let one of them lay down for the love of GOD… shit like this is how AEW can win, capitalizing on stupidity like that. This is why the fans turn on these Characters and you end up booking yourself into Corners…

8:22 – War rooms… REALLY??!! come the F on…. be better than this….

8:26 – Becky Lynch 1st pick to RAW, what a shock… #sarcasm… she’s got the dam belt where else would she go??

Reign’s to Smackdown 1st pick – thank god keep him on Friday’s

OC staying on RAW – smart move, AJ too talented to be on Smackdown, he needs to be in primetime.

Wow!!! an actual shocker…. Bray to Smackdown….. that surprised me, they must be trying hard to get the HIAC stink off of him, separate him from Rollins, and let that angle die, because they frigging KILLED it.

MacIntyre to RAW I like that move, he’s been absent due to injury, but was getting plenty of high profile bookings prior to that, I like his character, and his athleticism belies his size.

8:36 – Not gonna lie, Corbin / Gable is the BEST thing WWE has going for it right now, their matches are all TOP SHELF, the only horrifying thing about it is the “Shorty Gable” name, dude really??? are we 14 years old… honestly… why do they always have to go with the low hanging fruit… way to minimize his ability with a shitty name (pun NOT intended). Think about this for a second “YOUR UNITED STATES CHAMPION!!!!! SHORTY GABLE!!!!!” – yeah see what I mean…. doesn’t work at all…..

8:48 – OK remember when I said above that I like what FOX is doing with giving Smackdown a more “sports oriented” theme?? well these stupid f’ng promos with the FOX NFL people are stupid

8:49 – Orton to RAW LOVE this, don’t get me wrong, I can’t stand his character, but that means he does a good job

Sasha Banks to Smackdown – truthfully I’m upset about this, she is too good to be on Friday, but I suppose it makes sense someone needs to compete with Flair

Ricochet to RAW – Literally not surprised Paul Heyman (the man in charge of RAW) LOVES Ricochet, and for that matter so do I.. he’s so fucking talented, I can’t get enough of watching his matches, he does shit that no mortal should be able to.

Brawn Strowman to Smackdown – Good… let him go to Smackdown… 2 move Johnny can stay there.

Bobby Lashley to RAW – I don’t have a strong feeling on this one way or the other, he’s the definition of a mid carder, he’s just sort of “there”… well I guess that means that Rusev will be on RAW, which sucks because that angle is horrifyingly bad…

8:56 – It’s nice that they replayed the Brock / Kofi match in it’s entirety for those that may have missed it…. fucking LOL, way to bury a wrestler, I swear to god unless Kofi goes to RAW (so they needed to get the belt off him quickly), they absolutely destroyed his character last week. I guess we know that Kofi isn’t one of the “elite” in the WWE, as they had NO PROBLEM with him laying down…unlike their “golden boys”.

9:06 – is it wrong that I am intrigued by this Velasquez / Brock Lesnar match.. I’m thinking it’s gonna be stiff AF, and someone may get bloody as I don’t think Velasquez knows how to pull off a punch, but at least the mat work may be interesting.

9:11 – For all the shit, WWE does the fundraising right, they do good work, and it’s so wonderful that all the Superstars are so passionate about the work that they do.

Side note: Those Lil Wayne Ghost Recon Breakpoint commercials are HORRIBLE. I LOVED Wildlands, and love GR as a franchise, and I’ve never encountered an advertisement that actively made me NOT want to buy something, until now… good lord talk about getting your target audience completely wrong…

9:22 – WOW – Kofi and AJ with some stunning spots!!!! beautiful technical wrestling, I HOPE that this is a prelude to a nice long program between the pair of them, as the potential for some top notch matches is there, and I love the fact that AJ will always do the job for someone, no ego with him, and I love it…because it makes things INTERESTING, you can never tell how it will end.

9:24 – Alexa Bliss to RAW – Obvious, she’s a MASSIVE draw, no way she would be on Friday nights, NO WAY.

Lacey Evans To Smackdown – She has potential, just not RAW level yet, Smackdown will be good for her as it will allow her to work on her performing, and get some solid bookings on TV, which will only make her better

Kevin Owens to RAW – Thank God, I love KO, he is so damn underrated. Burying him on Smackdown would have been a MISTAKE, he needs to be in high profile programs with top tier performers.

The Revival To Smackdown – Best pure Tag Team in the WWE, and one of the few HEEL tag teams, they will anchor a strong division on Smackdown

Natalya to RAW – Once again a high skill wrestler makes her way to RAW, love this move, she makes everyone in the ring with her BETTER, so much like her uncle (Brett Hart) in that regard.

9:31 – Viking Raiders to RAW – Fantastic tag team, I love them and they will do well, High skill despite their size, capable of wowing the crowd with a mix of speed and power, I love this.

Lucha House Party To Smackdown – makes sense, I comparted them to the “middle relievers of the WWE” so Smackdown is a good fit for them, they will probably get more TV time and bookings there, which is good for them. They would remain buried on RAW.

Nikki Cross to RAW- Not a surprise, her and Bliss are a fun tag team, and suuuuuper popular, no way were they getting split up.

Heavy Machinery to Smackdown – perfect to go against the Revival, Otis is great, and will more than likely get a solo push soon, so being on Smackdown is smart as it will allow him to stretch his legs as a solo wrestler.

Street Profits to RAW!!!!!! – LITERALLY NOTHING ELSE MATTERS TO ME NOW… MONTEZ FORD ON MONDAY NIGHTS!!!! THIS… THIS IS HUGE… I’ve said it before, Montez Ford has the potential to be the next household name, the next Rock, the next Stone Cold, the next Hogan, he has IT ALL, and they need to take the chains off him and unleash his brilliance, don’t script him so hard, let him shoot from the hip…

9:41 – For real, we are FINALLY getting the Bayley repackage!!! she destroyed her tubemen!!! if there was ever a wrestler that needed a serious turn it was her. It will be so good for her character, displaying a level of “brutality” that we have never seen from her before, I love the subtle change in her style. I had no idea what they were doing with her for the past 2 months, it wasn’t a “slow burn” or “gradual” it didn’t work, after she hit Becky with the chair, it should have been like ripping off a Band-Aid… BOOM… heel.

9:56 – Bayley TAKES THE BELT!!! I LOVE IT!!!!! so awesome!!! new music plays after she wins!!! now she gets her HEEL PROMO!!!! so great!!!! bout damn time!!!!

Well I have to say, it was a fun night, you can tell that the REAL winner of the evening is Paul Heyman, RAW is obviously HIS wish list, he got his top players, and got rid of those he didn’t want. THE 2 BIG STORIES… STREET PROFITS are on the MAIN ROSTER, and on RAW now!!!! and BAYLEY is a HEEL… FINALLY, these are GOOD changes that will reap major benefits for the two shows moving forward. Well we continue the draft on Monday.

Until then everyone….

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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