Of Marks And Men – RAW 11/11/19

November 11, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

2 Weeks out from Survivor Series, and the NXT invasion is only getting better. Hot off the heels of the OC invading the Black and Gold brand last Wednesday, I can’t wait to see what NXT’s response will be.

And in the realm of responses, what, if any will Brock Lesnar’s response to Rey Mysterio’s beating be? will “The Beast” be on the hunt again? What if any role will Cain Velasquez play? Will Seth finally address his loss to Bray and the subsequent shift of the Universal Title to Smackdown?? At least rumor has it we will finally see who his team mates will be for Survivor Series.

8:02 – You can NEVER go wrong opening a show across the pond with Becky Lynch, nothing like a huge pop to get the show moving.

8:04 – Yes her promo’s get a bit formulaic, but damn can she talk. Her cadence and emotion are second to none she rarely stumbles, and knows how to work a crowd.

8:09 – That little move Charlotte pulled, blocking Becky’s face with her hand, and having to have Becky move over was a great character moment, may not get noticed by many but I loved it.

8:18 – There are few better in ring storytellers than Charlotte Flair, she is so naturally gifted at reading, and eliciting a reaction out of a crowd. I guess she takes after her father in that regard, but personally I think she is even better than he ever was.

8:27 – I’m calling it now, if there is ever an Overwatch movie, Kairi Sane should be D.Va, she looks just freaking like her, especially with that facepaint on.

8:29 – I’m not in love with the pacing of this match so far, seems a bit off.

8:32 – OK a couple of thoughts, why the hell is Bayley on RAW? I thought there were no “crossovers” anymore, and secondly why does the WWE have such an issue with people losing clean? It just always seems to me that they undermine their champions when they can’t have them win clean. The Kabuki warriors are the CHAMPS, they SHOULD be able to beat Becky and Charlotte clean.

8:41 – Poor Sin Cara, this is what happens when you ask for your release, you get squashed on RAW for all the world to see… 3 more years buddy, then maybe you can taste freedom.

8:50 – A legit “In Ring” 24/7 title match???? what???? I’m seriously confused…. OK now what the hell is going on??? they are running away with the belt, now they end up in a room with Rowan who throws a loveseat at them???… This is just strange, who in creative came up with that? and how did it get past production approval? I mean I understand they can’t all be winners, but man at least do something coherent.

9:04 – Seth embracing the hate, I love it!!! hopefully this is the impetus of a much needed, and long overdue run as a heel. #MakeSFNRInterestingAgain

9:06 – OK WWE NOW YOU HAVE MY ATTENTION!!!! Walter Vs. Rollins!!!! now this is what makes a great wrestling show!!!!!, and quite frankly this show needed it, it’s been a slog so far.

9:18 – Well at least Kevin Owens is back!!! that was the only positive from that match.

9:21 – When will WWE learn to just let a match BE a match, when will the Ego’s backstage stop ruining perfectly good programs, let someone lose clean, it’s OK, we won’t like X or Y wrestler less because they lost, you can tell great stories through loss, this is why AEW is gaining momentum, because they let a match BREATHE.

9:28 – Gotta say that OTT finale spot was REALLY orchestrated well, Suicide Dive, Montez with the crazy Moonsault onto the table, Owens Stun on Wolfe, into a Rollins stomp on Barthel, executed to perfection. Credit where it’s due.

9:37 – OK Andrade V. Cedric Alexander, this match can be great, let it be great.

9:44 – and it was almost great, but of course Zelina had to get involved to help Andrade win, of course we couldn’t just let him win clean, that would just be too much to ask.

9:55 – Oh sweet Jesus, why does this damn angle keep going on??? Does the WWE realize that Lana has Go Away Heat, not actual Heat, nobody likes this angle, nobody.. please just let it die. Now we are hearing about her “Sexiversary”??? what. the. actual. FUCK…. god damn, end this shit now… please for the love of god this is the WORST. ANGLE. EVER…. and I saw Mae Young give birth to a hand…. this is the FUCKING WORST…. fuck me sideways….

10:11 – Oh boy… Rowan beating up a jobber, what a fantastic last hour booking… nothing better!!!! wow….

10:24 – Whelp I suppose that the former NXT UK tag team champs (Flash Morgan Webster, and Mark Andrews) at least earned the right to get 7 or 8 moves in before the eventual squash by the Viking Raiders. Never mind the fact that they are hyper talented young performers, just beat them into the dirt, it’s OK, nobody cares about NXT UK anyway right Vince??

10:39 – I think they let the new guy operate the fog machine for Ricochet’s intro, holy crow turn it down a notch.

10:44 – I hate “Blind Tags”

10:57 – I’ll tell you what, I know that RAW can be unevenly paced at times, and Creative may not be all that “Creative” and maybe Vince has too much input into it, but damn if they don’t have the talent on the roster, and everything I was griping about earlier in the show was nowhere to be seen on that final match, it was solid, told a good story, and it actually ended CLEAN, but do you want to know why? because AJ has no Ego, he will gladly let Carrillo pin him, what does he have to prove to anyone? He will go down as one of the best ever, and is in the position to help put someone over, and that’s how you become a LEADER in the locker room, and why everyone respects him.

Well honestly this show was a fucking S.L.O.G. what a waste of 3 hours, I swear to god you can almost tell the shows that Vince has too much input into, they are the fucking WORST, the XFL can’t start fast enough, because maybe then he will be too busy worrying about that, and we can get HHH and Heyman running the company properly, and let us have proper WRESTLING SHOWS, remember what those are? What a wet fart on the lead up to Survivor Series, and they had SUCH momentum after the last 2 weeks. Well lets hope there is some momentum gain on Wednesday.

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