Of Marks and Men: RAW 10/7/19

October 7, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Well here we are, I’m going to try something new, this is the first edition of my new wrestling show blog. First up is the 10/7/19 edition of “Monday Night Raw”.

The rules to this are simple: this isn’t a hard and fast review of every match (although I will probably do that too, who knows??), this is me spewing forth a stream of consciousness as I navigate my way through the weeks wrestling offerings. Wednesday’s will be the most difficult as I have two competing shows to move back and forth between, truth be told I have yet to figure out how I’m going to handle Wednesday’s but we will figure it out together.

Why start this now? well I figured there is no better time than now, we have AEW about to put out it’s second show, RAW is coming off one of the most controversial finishes I can ever remember with last nights (10/6/19) “Hell In A Cell”, Smackdown is now on Friday nights on FOX, and there is the upcoming WWE “Show Draft” so I figured why the hell not????

It also bears mentioning that on wrestling nights I take over the Pint O’ Comics Twitter feed, so feel free to follow along there as well. Once again I literally have ZERO idea how this is going to come out, and it will probably develop over time as I get more comfortable with it. So without further ado…Here we go…

(oh yeah, one more quick note: I have never been a wrestler, never been in the ring, I have ZERO backstage knowledge, and I don’t intend for this to be a dirtsheet, the most I’ve done is be a stupid kid, taken moronic bumps in my back yard, and tried out the traditional holds like the Figure 4 and Sharpshooter on my equally stupid friends… I am just a fan.. so my opinions come from that angle)

8:00 EST – Anything that involves Lana and Bobby Lashley making out like a pair of high schoolers under the bleachers needs to NOT HAPPEN, for the love of god you start a fallout show with THIS?????

8:03 EST – What the fuck??? we join mid match??? now we get Bobby Lashley wearing Rusev’s ROBE??? fucking Attitude era B.S. and talking about joint checking accounts??? what the fuck is going on here???

8:09 EST – Literally the worst of the Attitude Era on display there, my god, I thought we had moved past that crap, guess I was wrong.

As an aside COD: Modern Warfare Looks LEGIT

8:14 EST – when the hell did WWE forget how to time out a show with commercials?? why are we missing intro’s now?? Lacey Evans is just….there….

8:27 – I don’t care what anyone says, getting hit with a Kendo stick has to HURT, especially when you take 1/2 a dozen shots with one. F that noise

8:33 – Not a bad intro match, Natalya is for sure an underrated performer she makes Lacey look WAY better than she actually is, some good bumps / spots, couple that didn’t look great, but a solid start to the show. At least they didn’t have Lacey beat her, it would have made Natalya seem “Lucky” winning last night, and not that they are on equal footing.

8:38 – Aleister Black!!!! finally he gets to cut a promo!!!! Bout damn time, Not sure why he is on RAW unless it’s a one off.

8:40 – Street Profits!!!! DON’T EVER CHANGE, I love Montez Ford, that dude has all the potential to be the next Rock… if they take the chains off him, they are underutilizing him in the role they currently have him in. Dude is solid gold!!!

8:43 – Tyson Fury…. GROAN….. why, just why…. it’s not even captivating, at least the REAL Tyson (Mike) gave a shit, and was having fun. But I suppose it makes sense, I have an easier time believing Strowman in a boxing match because he sure as hell can’t wrestle, unless you count running around the ring shoulder checking people wrestling.

8:54 – Dolph Ziggler is a quality heel (and for that matter so is Robert Roode), maybe not “main event” level, but definitely a solid mid card heel, he could do with a nice US Championship run, which would allow AJ to move back to main event status, Ziggler is wasted in the tag division.

Where the hell has The Revival been????

9:05 – Solid match between the Viking Raiders and Ziggler / Roode, the worst part was the blown spot (Viking Experience) on Ziggler, but obviously the push is on for the Raiders. Hopefully it’s to break up Ziggler and Roode so they can be successful on their own. The WWE lacks quality heels, so having two good ones on one team when you have The Revival in the division is a waste.

9:11 – Thank God I get to see some Aleister Black, he’s gonna wreck some fools, BLACK MASS!!!! and I legit can’t get enough of his intro / ring entrance. Have no idea where he is going to end up, most likely Smackdown as that’s where his wife Zelina Vega is, and she is Andrade’s “manager” and as Andrade is also Charlotte Flair’s Boyfriend, and since the WWE doesn’t like to separate couples it only seems obvious. But he would be wasted on Friday nights. Aaaaaaaaand that was a complete squash match…..

9:23 – Soooooo…. at this point is the WWE hoping that if they don’t mention “Hell In A Cell” then it didn’t happen???? what a terrible Strowman promo… he utters his one catchphrase and walks off.. Groan….

9:29 – When you need to fill time on a Monday who do you drag out???? LUCHA HOUSE PARTY!!!! what a waste of the OC and AJ Styles, a match with ZERO implications. Lucha House Party are LITERALLY the “Middle Relievers” of WWE

Can these AOP promo’s end… like honestly…. I’m sick of seeing them… we get it you’re tough….

9:40 – That triple moonsault by the Lucha house party was a HELL OF A SPOT

9:48 – Wise move highlighting the best match of last night (Becky and Sasha) it was all downhill from there. Although Becky should have dropped the belt, this habit of WWE not letting their top Babyface’s lose is getting old. The crowd will turn on Becky fast if they don’t do something interesting with her.

9:56 – Damn I love me some Becky Lynch. The show is immediately 100% better with her on it now. We’ve come a long way when a female is the face of the company, and she shoulders that responsibility with enthusiasm and class. I LOVE IT!!!…. Charlotte… oh Charlotte, she is so. damn. good in the ring. Absolutely her fathers daughter… I absolutely love the way that Charlotte and Becky play off each other.

And good on WWE letting Asuka and Kairi Saine speak in Japanese, It’s long past time that we got over the bias that non English speaking folks can’t have meaningful runs as champions, and I love the heel turn, and hopefully the whole “Sky Pirate” thing is over, it was a fun gimmick in NXT but it needs to go.

10:23 – Good Lord I love me some “green mist”!!!! solid match helping establish The Kabuki Warriors as heels. Job done… and at the end the nice pop from the crowd when Bliss / Cross come out, they’ve had this weird “Tweener” think going on for too long, a solid babyface push is a good thing for them, will help when Bliss eventually turns on Cross and goes heel again.

Well I guess we are going to mention last night…. no surprise that they wait until almost 11 P.M. to do it.

10:30 – Can we just NOT revisit the Rusev / Lana / Lashley thing… holy cow once was MORE than enough.

10:33 – is there a better intro than Ricochet? here’s the answer: NO there ISN’T, and why the hell did the CUT IT OFF!!??!! seriously!!! plan your shit better. Ricochet and Crews are gonna tear it up!!! We all know Heyman loves the athletic high skill performers, and he’s got two of the best in the ring together, it may not “light up the marquee” but it’s definitely gonna be a high octane match.

And Ricochet with the win!!!! wonderful match, but too short to truly highlight how good both are.

10:43 – and here we go how the hell are they gonna explain last night away, I would say they are wearing “rose colored glasses” with the recap, but that was just the shit lighting…

Aaaaaaaaaand that was a waste….. talk about taking the low road.

10:50 – Tyson Fury…. Groooooooooooannnnnnnnn, so the entire impetus of this joke of a feud is “he looked at me crossways…” good lord…. are they gonna meet at 3:00 by the jungle gym???? Wow this is terrible… I… I have no words for how bad this is….. wow this is shit…. Kayfabe is well and truly dead…and then top it off with a terrible Strowman promo… way to go out WWE…. #sarcasm

Well there it is… I hope you enjoyed it… It was certainly interesting typing as I went. We will try it again Wednesday…. And hopefully the NXT roster can redeem this terrible show, also interested to see the development of the AEW brand in week 2.

Until Next Time Everyone,

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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