Of Marks And Men – AEW Vs. NXT 10/9/19

October 9, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Alright here we go!!! after what I feel was a successful first run at this whole “Blog” thing, I’m about to try my first “Wednesday Night War” Blog. The format will remain the same, but I will be adding what show I am talking about next to each time stamp, and as I am watching both shows at once, it will be fun to compare what’s going on in each show minute to minute.

8:02 – J.R. Definitely sounds 1000% better than he did last week, but honestly he is completely outclassed by the greatness that is Mauro Ranallo. Ranallo can make a grocery shopping list sound exciting.

8:03 – NXT -Lio Rush V. Drew Gulak is a hell of an opener, and they are playing it smart getting right into a title match. I love matches like this, always been a fan of high skill wrestlers with large move sets.

8:05 – AEW – Young Bucks vs. Private Party solid opener with some good tag teams

8:05 – NXT – Fucking hell!!!! Rush’s Spanish Fly was VICIOUS!!!! what a way to start a match!!!!!! (mind you all this is going on while the intros in AEW are still going on)

8:09 – AEW – J.R. is really focusing on the gum spitting too much, dude we get it, it’s a work, calm the F down.

Love the Picture in Picture with the commercials, more shows need to do it.

8:10 – AEW – Dude!!!! Bucks and Private Party are KILLING IT!!!!! those moonsaults were EPIC!!!!!

I love how the Young Bucks are basically the modern version of “The Rockers” but then again The Rockers were the then modern day equivalent of Rock and Roll Express sooooo…… who will be the Janetti of the duo? I don’t really see a “Michaels” yet.

8:16 – AEW – So Far AEW is 1000x better than last week, opening with this high octane match is definitely the way to go!!!

8:17 – NXT – NEW CRUISERWEIGHT CHAMPION!!!! LIO RUSH!!!!! What a damn fine match, and a way to open the show!!!! smart to have a belt change, I have a feeling belts will be doing that more frequently on NXT.

Class act That Drew Gulak, I know it’s a complete work, but it plays well on TV handing Rush the Belt himself.

8:21 – AEW – WOW!!!!! Private Party defeats Young Bucks!!!!! surprises all around, but lets face it the Young Bucks don’t need to win the tournament to maintain their status, they are already SUPER popular. I’ve always felt that tournaments like this always served as a better springboard for talent that NEEDS the push, at least it shows that Cody doesn’t have fear in letting lesser known’s shine (probably because of what happened with him in WWE).

8:27 – NXT – Rhea Ripley!!!!! literally one of my favorite wrestlers, she is awesome!!!! her Vs. Aliyah has squash match written all over it.

HOLY FUCK!!!! that’s new, definitely right about the squash match!!!! I have zero Idea what to call that spinning / standing up / inverted figure 4 bomb she just did, but it was fucking IMPRESSIVE!!!! and it served to further establish her character as the ONE person strong enough to defeat Basler.

8:33 – AEW – whelp, we’ve got us a faction now in AEW the “Inner Circle” that didn’t take long…. personally I thought the promo was a bit long, Ripley came out, squashed the shit out of Aliyah and NXT was already in commercial before that promo was over. But Jericho definitely took some shots at WWE which were funny.

8:38 – NXT – Beth Phoenix is making me laugh my ass off with her bad innuendo puns… freaking hilarious!!!!! and I get a kick out of Breezango, such a fun tag team, so self deprecating, and couldn’t contrast more to the match going on at AEW, with Havoc Vs. Allin.

8:44 – NXT – Forgotten Sons beat up on Breezango, honestly I am not a fan of Breezango being glorified jobbers, the deserve better than to be the punching bag of the tag team division. They are FAR to talented for that.

8:50 – AEW – Darby Allin with a great win against Jimmy Havoc, with that crazy 360 stunner into a coffin drop for the shot against Jericho, I love the fact that AEW has pinned their future on all these talented indie wrestlers, the are HUNGRY, and they are SHOWING IT!!!! Now all we need is ROH to get a show!!!

For sure it’s a big adjustment for a lot of the AEW stable, so many of them (Allin included) were so used to destroying themselves in the indie scene, leaving battered and bloody, and now they don’t have to do that, it will be much better for them later in life, and help with their longevity. It doesn’t do AEW any good if they are constantly injured.

9:00 – AEW – definitely a better showcase for Riho this week, she really couldn’t show off her athleticism last week being so outclassed size wise. It almost made her winning seem unbelievable, I’m never one for getting on the “exposing the business” thing, as at this point we all know it’s predetermined, but sometimes you just can’t “suspend disbelief”

9:02 – NXT – Isaiah Scott Vs. Roderick Strong, this is such a competent workman like performance, has a very old school feel to it, lots of holds, backbreakers, Strong doing a good job working the back, telling a great story. High ENERGY AF, the comeback phase of this match has been wonderful so far, I mean we all know Strong isn’t loosing, but he did a hell of a job putting him over.

9:14 – NXT – I mean lets fact it Velveteen Dream is just doing a Prince Cosplay, but due I love his gimmick!!! that picture was fucking hilarious!!! LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL with the old Burt Reynolds style photo.


9:25 – NXT – Bianca Belair Vs. Dakota Kai – Belair is ridiculously underrated, Kai is on the comeback trail, honestly not sure which way this one will go which is a good thing!!!

9:29 – AEW – Moxley wins, and proves once again why he was the most talented member of the Shield, and now we get Omega with some barb wire wrapped instruments of destruction. Pak rushed in and nailed Omega with a chair in the back of the head, great establishment of a nice “feud triangle”

9:36 – NXT – Bianca Belair wins, I mean I’m not surprised as she has been there or there abouts in the title scene for a while now, just wondering why Kai lost as they are pushing her in promo’s and then having her loose seems a bit uneven.

Loving both main events on paper, Dustin Rhodes / Page V. Jericho / Guevara on AEW, and then Kushida V. Walter on NXT, the AEW offering so far has been really solid, and a far more believable match than the NXT offering. Walter isn’t putting Kushida over but lets fact it on the AEW side, there ain’t no way that Jericho / Guevara are losing not especially after the formation of the Inner circle on the same night. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand that AEW analysis was spot on….. I mean sometimes it’s so damn obvious.

Love the schmoz at the end of the AEW show, lot’s of great action to combat the Walter / Kushida match, have to admit it’s working as I’m for more interested in what’s going on there. It’s fucking CHAOS on AEW!!!!! Darby coming in on a SKATEBOARD!!! AWESOME!!!! epic final shot of MJF, Rhodes, Rhodes, Bucks, and Allin in the ring!!!!

Meanwhile Walter wins a predictable match, granted WWE played it well, ending 8 minutes late, to try and capture some AEW viewers, but compared to AEW’s ending it really didn’t compare.

Here’s the thing, WWE has always excelled at making their wrestlers household names, making them crossover stars, and that’s what drives eyes, While AEW has some AMAZING indie talent, that appeals to hardcore wrestling fans. They are going to need to push those stars into the popular consciousness, get them on TV, in Movies, my mother needs to know who Darby Allin is. It’s no surprise that WCW overtook WWE, they had the names back then, the needle movers, and if it wasn’t for TNT Corporate torpedoing them, the wrestling landscape might be far different than it is now. I’m super excited to see next weeks shows now.

Now we wait until Friday and the Draft.

Until next time everyone,

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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