Of Marks and Men – 2/10/20 RAW

February 10, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

OK look, I’m not gonna lie, I haven’t watched or read anything about wrestling since Monday of last week, I took some time for me, and did some raiding with the clan, haven’t had raid nights in some time, and well I miss it, so…. I’m out of the loop…. hang on… google here I come….

8:04 – Seth is such a freaking goofball with this Monday Night Messiah gimmick.

8:07 – Does anyone NOT like Kevin Owens??? To paraphrase Donkey from Shrek, Kevin Owens is like cake… Everybody loves cake….

8:10 – AAAAhahahahahaha having Becky interrupt KO and Co. was great!!! freaking funny AF, because she don’t give AF, she was like “get the F out of my ring” LOL

8:20 – I honestly can see Becky dropping the belt tonight, would make a great story leading into Mania, kind of like the “Rocky 3” story line, she got complacent, lost the belt, now has to regain it…

8:41 – Soooooo that got cool and really weird… Becky Beats Asuka, which booooooo, they could have done something interesting… but then SHAYNA BASZLER shows up!!!! FUCK YES!!!! right??? but then… she bites Becky on the back of the neck… ??? What. The. Actual. Fuck. was that??? I mean honestly… is Baszler a vampire now??? are they fucking her character up?? why?? I’m confused… she’s awesome… doesn’t need a stupid gimmick…

8:46 – Well it’s about fucking time they get the Street Profits in the damn ring..

8:54 – I’m still confused about this Baszler / Lynch thing.. it makes no fucking sense?? what was the point??? why??? If you want to build a feud between them, just build a feud, you don’t need some faux edgy “we want to compete with AEW bullshit” Just build a real feud…

8:59 – So when something is brought up in creative, is there anyone who maybe says “uhhhhh, that’s fucking stupid” because that Drew McIntyre velvet rope thing for the VIP lounge was fucking stupid and unnecessary, Yeah we get it “he does what he wants” Jeez, just keep Drew McIntyre, Drew McIntyre, he got over as himself just keep him….him….

9:12 – Angel Garza 2 weeks in a row??? yes please!!!! and he’s working with Cedric Alexander!!!! this could be a great program.

9:20 – Soooo I’m hoping when Andrade comes back from his suspension we get a program between he and Garza over Zelina Vega…

9:23 – I’m hoping Sarah Logan joins up with Seth and Co. would be cool to add a female to the group, and she could use the rub.

9:55 – I just love the way Ricochet sells everything, every move looks legit when he is on the receiving end, he just has this ability to flop like a dead fish, and make everything look so damn real. It’s an underrated talent but one that makes all the difference.

10:05 – Soooooo the Matt Hardy job train is stopping at RKO station now??? interesting…

10:11 – I’ll give Matt Hardy this, that was a damn fine promo, lots of unsaid shoot in there especially about Lita, and it worked to get Orton over as a heel even more, crowd is booing the shit out of him. Plus according to The Google his contract is up March 1st and hasn’t been renewed, sooooo good way to get him off TV.

10:21 – Why do they have to constantly keep squashing Akira Tozawa?? Why??? a match with him and Black could be fucking wonderful, but OF COURSE NOT… why would we do that??? lets just have him get beat in 3 minutes… fuck man…

10:25 – At least AEW doesn’t book pointless squash matches every damn week, they have more respect for their talent than that, all the problems they have, that isn’t one of them.

10:50 – I literally don’t care about this 8 man tag match. I just want more Becky / Baszler

I don’t know, this show seems like it took 2 steps backwards from the quality of the last couple of months, I don’t understand it, I understand that not all of them can be winners, but RAW just always seems so streakey… like a bunch of weeks of awesome, but then BOOM back into the toilet.

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