Of Marks And Men – 11/6/19 NXT Vs. AEW

November 6, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Well here we are, another Wednesday night another head to head between NXT and AEW.

After the highly successful invasion of the NXT brand of both Smackdown and RAW, anticipation is at an all time high for what is going to happen tonight.

Meanwhile AEW who has been beating NXT in the ratings week to week is primed to have another strong show with their latest PPV “Full Gear” taking place this Sunday.

8:01 – OC INVADES NXT!!!!! HERE. WE. GO!!!! Lord am I hoping that we get a Bullet Club reunion with Finn.

8:05 – And now Ciampa shows UP!!!!! Please give me Styles Vs. Ciampa in the main event!!!!!! PLEASE!!!! OK…. I’ll take Lee, Riddle, and Ciampa Vs. The OC in it’s stead. Regal… Book. This. Shit. NOW!!!!!!

8:07 – You know the best part about both AEW and NXT, they are PURE wrestling shows, and I love it.

8:14 – Meanwhile this PAC Vs. Trent Barretta match is on fucking FIRE!!!! Unreal some of these spots they are performing. I swear to god I don’t remember PAC being this good when he was on WWE, but then again he never got his due there. What a sec… that was a really strange 2 count, I think they blew that one, thinking he was supposed to kick out but didn’t, and it blew the finale.

8:23 – I’ll tell you what, the fans LOVE Cody Rhodes, and I can tell he loves them back, but man… heavy is the head that wears the crown with him. It has to be a hell of a balancing act not only working in the ring, but also being the man in charge.

8:24 – Damian Priest is not a guy who really impressed me in his first couple of matches on NXT, but his recent program with Pete Dunne has shown me some serious in ring ability. Now whether we thank Pete for that or maybe he has found his legs we will have to wait and see.

8:29 – Cody Rhodes just shot a promo for the AGES!!!! completely taking Jericho to SCHOOL!!!!, making fun of his book, and calling him a “Carnie Succubus” holy SHIT!!! wow…. and guaranteed that if he doesn’t win the belt this Sunday he will NEVER challenge for it again.

That ties in to what I was just talking about, he can’t be giving himself shot after shot after shot being the top guy in the company, it would just come across as disingenuous. But on the other hand, it just makes me think that he is going to win. It’s like a “non title” match on TV, you just KNOW that the contender is going to win.

8:50 – This Jericho segment is HILLARIOUS!!! making fun of Cody’s segment from a couple weeks ago, and they had VIRGIL on the show LOL, I about pissed myself when he compared Jericho’s skill to Olive Garden Breadsticks… Unlimited… Nice that they can take the piss. And then cutting to Jake Hager who literally doesn’t say a word was funny AF.

9:03 – Wonderful match between Baszler and Kai. I mean we know Kai was NEVER gonna win, what with Baszler set to go up against Lynch and Bayley at Survivor Series, but she still acquitted herself well in the loss. Eventually Baszler is gonna lose the belt, and Kai could be a great champion, the fans love her, and she is a solid babyface.

9:12 – This Tony Nese / Angel Garza match has all the potential in the world to be something special.

9:22 – Part of me want’s to LOVE Brandon Cutler, dude rolls down to the ring with a D20 on his shirt and is an avowed gamer (mad respect) but Shawn Spears is a top shelf talent and is probably gonna win handily…. and yep, there it was…. 3 whole minutes…. Spears with the dominant victory.

9:25 – And much like I predicted Nese / Garza was a great match, lots of high flying technical moves, This NXT roster is absolutely STACKED with main event level talent.

9:27 – Lio Rush just got BITCH SLAPPED by Angel Garza… in the word of Ron Simmons…….”DAMN!!!!!!!”

9:32 – How the hell is that that bot PAC and Moxley are SO. MUCH. BETTER. in AEW, I mean it’s not like they all of a sudden “Figured it out” it has to be creative freedom, plain and simple, good scripts, good characters and cutting them loose.

9:33 – This Omega / Page vs. Guevara / Jericho match is gonna be amazing, Guevara / Omega ALONE would be worth the price of admission. I REALLY need another TV in my living room just for Wednesday nights.

9:48 – I really think WWE dropped the ball on this, we are already about 15 minutes into a…. well I don’t have the adjectives to describe how good the match is over on AEW, and we are JUST getting the intro’s for the NXT main event, unless the show is going to run long, I just don’t think they are going to give this match enough time to breathe, unless they are just planning on a Clusterfuck ending, but that would be an even BIGGER waste of a match of this profile.

9:58 – I understand this is a “Go Home” show for AEW, and you need to build the tension for this weekend, but I HATE schmoz endings like this, we had a terrific match going on, and to have it end and have absolute chaos is such. a. waste… Gotta admit, the crowd is eating it up though, so what the hell do I know.

I would totally get the PPV this weekend, but honestly I just can’t justify paying $60 for it, that’s way too much, and honestly this is why I have the WWE app $10 a month and I get ALL the PPV’s is a deal that you just can’t beat.

10:06 – Whelp I got my wish!!!! got me a bit o’ Balor in the same arena as the OC!!!! and then Cole just about took AJ’s head off with a superkick. My aforementioned comments about shmoz endings still holds though.

Well I have to say yet another terrific evening on both fronts, gotta give AEW credit though, their production value in regards to the vignettes has improved immeasurably since their first show, this is the area where NXT needs to step it up. I don’t know what their contract with Full Sail looks like, or how much longer they are obligated to be there, but the faster they get into bigger arena’s with more fans, and pick up the pace with the production, the better off they will be, while AEW is looking more an more like a professional outfit, NXT still looks like a small independent promotion. Now mind you that’s not a knock on them, their in ring talent is SECOND TO NONE, and Mauro Ranallo is a god amongst men when it comes to calling matches, and long may he live. It’s just that everything AROUND that needs to catch up.

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