Of Marks And Men – 11/1/19 Smackdown Live

November 1, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

Well… WE. ARE. BACK!!!! after a week off due to surgery and some early recuperation I have returned to my thrice weekly show blog.

This Smackdown will be interesting for sure, coming off of the shock ending of “Crown Jewel” where The Fiend Bray Wyatt actually WON the Universal Title from Seth Rollins this show is shaping up to be exciting, I NEVER expected Seth to put Bray over clean as up until now the WWE has been hesitant to let their top Face’s lose, let alone on a PPV on a Thursday in Saudi Arabia, where probably less than a million people were watching, as I’m sure only the subscribers to the WWE app actually saw it live. But nevertheless here we are, and it seems that everything is about to change.

8:02 – So Bray wins the Universal Title last night, and they open the show with Brock Lesnar, only thing I can think is Bray got stuck in Saudi Arabia due to their Airplane having issues and not being able to make it. Wondering how this is going to affect the show???

8:06 – They actually replayed the Lesnar / Velasquez match in its entirety, wow they must be hurting to fill time, I’m sure this pisses creative off as they NEEDED to have Bray on the show tonight, and now they are replaying what happened AFTER the match!!! man oh man, the first 10-15 minutes of a REALLY important fallout show are being wasted.

8:12 – At this point Heyman is just struggling through the equivalent of “Middle Relieving”, Just filling time…. stumbling through a promo, and trying to make it sound good, They probably should have just replayed Crown Jewel, might have been a better choice.

8:13 – and now Heyman says that Brock is “quitting Smackdown???” well that’s interesting…

8:18 – First time seeing Bayley perform since her Heel Turn and subsequent interview on Miz T.V., I’m sure she did something last week but I just haven’t seen it, interested to see how she works now. At least the top names in the women’s division weren’t in Saudi Arabia so they can keep some of their advertised matches on the card.


8:34 – Ok I’m Calm now…. I was almost short one laptop when she showed up as it almost got thrown across the room in joy.

8:39 – Sami Zayn NEEDS to go back to NXT, he would be SO DAMN good there….. FUCKING A!!!!! KEITH LEE AND MATT RIDDLE!!!! IT’S A FULL NXT INVASION!!!! this show is already shaping up to be one of the best Smackdown’s in ages!!!! THIS IS WHAT THE SHOW NEEDED!!!!!

8:43 – Just occurred to me that Vince is probably stuck in an Airplane, and Smackdown is having an AMAZING show!!! That’s NOT a coincidence. HHH probably has full, uninterrupted control, and he is showing how much better he can run a show. God we need Vince gone, HHH and Heyman need to take over, the show is 1000x better!!!!

8:49 – Hear those brakes squealing???? whelp, that’s this segment of MIZ T.V., way to kill a show’s momentum…. Now I just want a Velveteen dream run in…. WAIT!!!! WHAT THE FUCK!!!!???!!!! TOMASSO CIAMPA!!! I’M FUCKING DED…. HOLY SHIT!!!! I CAN’T DO THIS!!!! MY HEART IS GONIG TO EXPLODE!!! AND NOW HE’S CUTTING A PROMO FOR THE AGES!!!!!! TAKING THE MIZ TO SCHOOL!!!!!

8:56 – CIAMPA / MIZ!!!! HELLS YES!!!! I honestly don’t think I can go back to a normal Smackdown ever again, everything else will suck in comparison

9:04 – Did MIZ just Sandbag Ciampa on that powerbomb??? I hope not… that would be a shit move. Maybe Miz was told he had to do the job, and that was his way of getting even??? I don’t know at this point as the match isn’t over but who knows??? Whelp Ciampa wins, so my theory might hold water… I’ll give The Miz this, he does what he’s told, I’m sure he didn’t like being told to put Ciampa over but you do what the boss’ tell you to do.

9:11 – ADAM COLE VS. DANIEL BRYAN FOR THE NXT BELT!!!! This show is unreal!!!! I’m fucking DONE, how does it bet better??!!?? The NXT roster is proving beyond a shadow of a doubt that they can handle a bigger show.

9:16 – RHEA RIPLEY AND TEEGAN KNOX!!!!! for the love of god this is unreal, I can’t make this shit up…. I love how the NXT roster is dominating as well, this is AWESOME!!!! Ripley with the inverted Cloverleaf finisher!!!! I’m LOVING THIS!!!!

9:24 – AW SHIT here we go Daniel Bryan Vs. Adam Cole!!!!!! Oh wait, we get a Stephanie promo… my excitement is on hold… We are now getting a replay of Lacy Evans and Natalya’s match from Crown Jewel, first time every there has been a women’s only match in Saudi Arabia, that was a hell of a moment, I will admit I teared up at the end, sometimes breaking Kayfabe is good, especially at the end of a powerful match like that. Well done to the pair of them. The importance of that match can’t be understated. BUT HERE WE GO!!!!!

9:30 – seeing a full arena screaming “ADAM COLE BAY BAY” gave me legit chills, I can’t understate enough how this match is a PPV headlining quality match that we are getting on a random ass Friday!!!

9:39 – GD does Modern Warfare look incredible, we’ve got it on the GameFly queue, just waiting for it to show up!!!! I’m not a huge fan of the multiplayer but their last couple campaign’s have been incredible (WW2, and Infinite Warfare)

9:46 – God Damn this match is SO GOOD so far!!!!!! I can only hope that this turns into a full program.. Bryan V. Cole would be… well I literally don’t have the adjectives to describe how good that would be…. I…. I’m losing my mind…. Some of the spots have been wonderful.

9:58 – What a damn incredible match, I literally had ZERO idea how it was going to end, and those always make for the BEST matches, and once again Kudos to Daniel Bryan, that dude will ALWAYS put someone over if it’s for the good of the business, and he always makes it entertaining. WOW, just WOW, and then Triple H’s promo at the end…. Dude still frigging has it.

Well there you are, literally not only the best show of 2019 so far, but honestly the best Smackdown I can remember in… well…. forever…. I just wonder (and I also Tweeted this) who gets to tell Vince that literally EVERYONE loved the show that he had absolutely NOTHING to do with?? Think the old man’s ego will take a knock? I’m sure it will just make him worse…

Until Next Time Everyone,

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd,


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