Ganache Mish-Mosh

November 23, 2018 Author: John Amenta

Hey there friends of The Pint, it’s John back with a few of the tastiest pop morsels that I have ingested in the last few weeks. Ewww, that sounded gross.




Titans– Yes, the show based on the DC superteam that is just a few notches below The Justice League. Streaming on the new DC subscription channel, Titans follows the first Robin, Dick Grayson, as he has broken away from Batman and Gotham. Now a Detective in Detroit, he becomes entangled in the life of Rachel Roth, a teenage girl and future employee of Hot Topic, as she is being hunted by nefarious villains intent on getting ahold of her. Rachel is harboring a dark power, and is slowly on her way to becoming the hero better known as Raven. Kory Anders is…well we don’t know. She is an amnesiac with some pretty intense solar based powers who will eventually be known as Starfire, but her background is playing out as a subplot that I’m betting won’t be solved until the end of the season. She is also hunting for Rachel, but in a more Kyle Reese fashion than the other forces after her. Gar Logan is an average young science experiment, living with other science experiments in a mansion owned by a kind of mad scientist. Comic readers may be more familiar with this group as The Doom Patrol, and their paths intersect with our young heroes early in the season. To say more than that I am enjoying this show would be heaping to much praise. It has held my attention, and I actually find myself liking the characters quite a bit, despite never having really been a big reader of Titans or Teen Titans. The performances across the board have been good and the action scenes have been well done. For now this is staying on my weekly watch list.



Ghosts Of The Stratosphere– What the fudge is this? Oh, a podcast! Ok Mr. G, tell us more. Well, The Ghosts are 3 friends from Pittsburgh, land of french fries on sandwiches and stand in for Gotham City in that silly voiced Bane Batman film. Andy, Chad and Rob are really big comic book nerds, and like to get together and discuss their shared love for the medium. If you are looking for a great comic-centric podcast, look no further than these guys. Here at The Pint we know we have comics in the title and do discuss them at great length, but we tend to delve into all realms of Pop Culture. The Ghosts are really focused on the four color, and have some serious knowledge to toss around. Combine that with fun segments and the fact that they have really good chemistry being obviously long time friends and you have a solid show, one that I listen to as close to weekly as my schedule allows, and catch up on if it does not. Besides the show, their website is fantastic, featuring all 3 guys and occasional guests writing articles and reviews on a slew of subjects. Like Pop Tarts? You’ll love the site. If you have not, please find them and give them a listen, and then add them to your subscription queue as well.



Forensic Files- This show used to be a semi staple of my life when I had the cable. 22 minute murder mysteries solved through the use of chemicals, computers and good old detective work seem to appease me when I’m not in the mood to read or watch anything of greater substance, like you know, Arrow. Anyways, I recently discovered that Netflix and Hulu stream “The FF” as us fans call it, or maybe that’s just me. In any case, I have been watching a few a day to the chagrin of my wife Lindsay, who I am pretty sure thinks I am trying to figure out the perfect way to kill someone, specifically her. After every episode I think, Jesus I could have read a book or walked my dogs, but then I would never have known about this particular murder in Pasadena circa 1987. Oh well, we all need our mindless checkout shows, this is one of mine.


Slow last few weeks for anything new, but please stay tuned to the site for more Mish-Mosh and articles from the rest of the Six Pack. Keep listening to the podcast and radio show as we have some good content heading your way through the rest of 2018!

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