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October 24, 2018 Author: John Amenta


Just like that shitty song by Staind, it’s been awhile friends! John back at you again, and I am ready to regale you good folk with tales of the various entertainments that have kept me….entertained. What have I watched, read or otherwise taken part in recently? Get your best reading pants on and let’s do this thing!


Halloween- Not the holiday or the 1978 classic film, but the 40 year later sequel. Yes, the guys that brought you such classics of horror such as Pineapple Express and Eastbound And Down have written a new film following the exploits of William Shatner cosplayer Michael Myers. Danny McBride and David Gordon Green are really talented dudes whom I have enjoyed a great deal of their creative output, I even laughed through the universally hated Your Highness. They also have a genuine love for the original slasher masterpiece by John Carpenter. These two guys decided to create a direct sequel to the original, omitting the previous 604 films that were already in canon. So no more brother/sister relationship between Michael and O.G. Final Girl Laurie Strode, once again played by Jamie Lee Curtis. No more Busta Rhymes fist fighting Mike and or LL Cool J as a wisecracking security guard. Basically no old school rap icons period. What we do get is a mess of a film, that cannot hold it’s tone for more than a scene. Is this a funny teen horror romp? A look at PTSD and it’s effects on lives? Wait, maybe it’s both, but neither done well. I was disappointed but not surprised as I left the theater that we not only did not get the next great installment of a franchise that has out of 605 films only achieved greatness once, but also disappointed that we got a film that wasn’t better than Rob Zombie’s maligned remakes. I hope despite making a ton of money on its opening weekend this is the last chapter of a long suffering series of films. Do yourselves a favor, save the bucks it will cost you to go see this thing in theaters if you have not yet, and pop in your copy of the original. It’s a great film and it’s cheaper since you already have a box of Goobers in your kitchen cabinet behind the croutons. I looked earlier.

Ghost- New music often evades my tastes. I’m the guy who’s listening rotation barely extends to anything made post 1996. I first came across Ghost (or occasionally Ghost B.C. due to legalality in the states) several years back as they opened for another rare newer band I love, Mastodon. Their mixture of power pop metal riffs and the same level of stage theatrics akin to KISS and Alice Cooper hooked me that night. Songs about Satan and the plague have rarely been as catchy as this. The driving force behind this band is Swedish musician Tobias Forge, who up until recently remained anonymous through use of masks, makeup and costumes. A  legal tussle with former musicians used to create the music of Ghost brought his identity into the forefront. The remaining band members are referred to only as Nameless Ghouls, and comprise of a series of rotating and always disguised musicians. Forge’s lead singer character dies at the end of every album and tour cycle, rising from the ashes in a new persona for the next record. Currently he is portraying Cardinal Copia, for the new studio album Prequelle, which shifts even harder into  pop elements than prior releases. If you have not heard of or heard Ghost yet, I urge you to check out some of their videos, also strongly influenced by horror films and the occult to get a true taste of what this band is all about.

The Last Ship- TNT’s actioner about a Navy vessel trying to navigate a world ravaged by a destructive plague is the kind of show I usually avoid. That said, a few years back I watched the first season and enjoyed it quite a bit. Sure it is fairly brainless and full of manly men being macho, but hey, there is still an 11 year old in me, and he likes it!. I never got around to season 2 until recently, when I heard the upcoming 5th would be the last. Knowing that it went from a commitment to something much easier to handle, and since I pay for Hulu, I may as well get my dollar’s worth. The show does a good job of giving a large cast of characters distinctive personalities and traits, and when it does come time to fight, the action scenes are top notch, particularly for a TV show. The backdrop of the world in ruins and governments dismantled provides plenty of obstacles for the crew of the Nathan James to overcome, and the show is never boring. It also does not rely strictly on action, there is actually more inter character play than expected. Adam Baldwin and Eric Dane are likable co-leads and the folks playing the crew of the ship are also good fits in their roles. In no way shape or form is this appointment TV, but it provides an enjoyable hour of entertainment pretty damn consistently.

Bing Comic Con- The best damn one day show out there resides in a beautiful church in Springfield, MA. Didn’t know that? You should, because since our first trip to this convention in 2016 we have been singing it’s praises here at The Pint. For $5 admission you get to check out an old school comic show, replete with vendors, artists and even a live podcast recording or two. The smaller size affords what can only be described as a true family and community feel amongst the attendees and folks manning the booths. For the second year in a row we will be recording live, having various guests plop down with us to talk about their projects, lives and pop culture in general. Organizers Mark Masztal and G.Michael Dobbs work hard every year to ensure that this show is a good time, and it shows in the fact that my only real issue is that it is not a longer day. Great food for sale on premises, podcaster Tom Van Zandt spinning nerdy music as a DJ all day and the awesomeness that is the art fight are just a few reasons to go. What exactly is an art fight? I’ll let you figure that out when you get to the show, but all I’ll say is that I beat Sir Jon in ours last year! Wanna know more? Check it out here, but act fast, it is this Saturday, October 27th!

That’s all for now, keep on listening to our shows and checking in on the site for new content!








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