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August 15, 2018 Author: John Amenta


Hey kids! John back at it again, giving you the lowdown on what I have been reading, watching and playing lately.

Darth Vader #19- As in the Marvel comic series, currently written by Charles Soule. This is a top of the pile read for me every week that it comes out. Following Vader in the days after his transformation from Jedi to Sith and before the events of Episode IV, this series has touched on many elements not delved into in the films. His relationship with both Emperor Palpatine and Grand Moff Tarkin, how he attains his lightsaber and his continued hunt to eliminate any Jedi remaining after Order 66 was executed are just a few. Month after month we get a bit deeper into this character’s thoughts and motives, and it has been a great ride. This issue in particular kicks off the “Fortress Vader” arc, which will eventually get into how Vader obtains his castle on the lava planet Mustafar.  Kieron Gillen also did an excellent job on the first volume of this series, check them both out.

Fluxx- I had a game night with friends a few weeks ago, and The Manster brought along a game he recently purchased to play with his family, Fluxx. I have played this, and own the original and Batman: The Animated Series versions. They make many variations, some pop culture themed, some more general. His copy was Monty Python. Get a table full of geeks playing a card game that encourages you to quote and sing along with your favorite Python sketches and scenes and you are in for some laughs. The idea behind the game is that the rules can and will constantly change at the drop of a dime. On one turn you may have to draw 1 card, on the next it could be 5. Play 3 cards on a turn, and on the next back to 2. The win scenarios are constantly in…flux as well. Looney Labs, creators of this and other fine games put out product that any game loving geek should check out.

The Chronicles Of Henny: Volume One- The great thing about being a podcaster/writer is that you get to meet a ton of creative folks. Particularly on social media. This is where I met Kerri Davidson, author and dare I  say artist of Henny. I hesitate to say artist because it is all done in a very rudimentary stick figure style. Honestly you or I could do it. That said, when I saw she was promoting her book on the Twiddler, I asked for a  review copy. A week later I received a package from a town called Elbow located somewhere in the land of Ice Road Truckers and Tim Horton’s, Canada. I thumbed through the book and decided to start reading. This was where it all came together. Henny is a drunken, abusive chicken, and a shitty friend too. It reads like a very adult newspaper comic strip, with many stories done in 1 panel or a single page. Henny is drawn as a misshaped Pac-Man, and the basic style of the art adds to the overall humor. I do think this book can be hit or miss depending on the reader, but I really enjoyed it and urge you to check out Kerri’s website,

Whatever- I also met Britt and Ali, the ladies behind Whatever, a new party game on Instagram, you know, that place I skulk around on when not looking for chicks from Elbow, Canada on Twitter? In all fairness we have not test played their game yet, but have plans to soon and review it as well. That said, they supplied us with a copy, and I have had a chance to read through it and I now know two things. First, I know which friends NOT to invite. Second, I know that more alcohol than normal will be needed for this game night. Tequila was recommended by the girls themselves, and they should know. This comes across as a game of who has the biggest balls and or the lowest inhabitions, and with the right crew should prove a ton of fun. The slogan used on the box and in marketing is Let’s Get Weird. That says a lot. Solo challenges and head to head showdowns make up a good portion of gameplay, and I expect humiliation and time to self reflect will also follow. Head on over to their site to check it out yourself, and keep your eyes here for a full on review soon!

Alright, Dark Lords, drunken chickens and hot chicks who create filthy party games is enough for this week! Keep on reading and listening to The Pint! Oh and don’t forget to come see us at TerrifiCon this weekend. We will be paired up with our friends from The Charlton Movie at Booth AA-40 all weekend long!

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