Gaming Point Of Lou:New Video Games July 2017

July 10, 2017 Author: Lou Federico

July’s Virtual Hot List, a quick write up of the games you can be expecting in your local video game store throughout the month. Nintendo, and Sony both have some heavy hitters releasing into the wild, while Xbox fans patiently await the Destiny 2 Beta (which I will be reviewing, upon its conclusion)….. Spoiler alert, I love Destiny With all my heart and soul… so click / scroll on down..


July 11

Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age – A remaster of the 2006’s Final Fantasy XII, complete with HD graphics, taking full advantage of the PS4 Pro’s 4K processing power. New features include: an auto save (a godsend for those of us who remember having to run back and forth to save points scattered around the map), trophies, and a new “Speed Mode” which will allow gamers to play through various sections faster.


July 18

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles – Developed by Prideful Sloth, a small team consisting of former Activision, and Rocksteady developers, you are tasked with saving the island of Gemea, but unlike other games of this type (The Legend of Zelda, Breath of The Wild being the obvious comparison), your ability to wield a sword or bow, will not save your home. Instead you will use your skills in the art of farming, and crafting, among others to save the day. Yonder will release on PS4 and PC

July 21

Splatoon 2 – New IP’s from Nintendo don’t come along often, so when one does, it tends to garner a bit of attention, the original Splatoon released on the Wii U, providing that criminally under appreciated system with a boost that it sorely needed. Unfortunately it wasn’t enough to save the console, but the game itself garnered its fair share of praise, and now gets set to take its maiden bow on Nintendo’s new console, The Switch.

July 25

Fate/EXTELLA: The Umbral Star – From Series Author Kinoko Nasu, comes the latest in the Fate/EXTRA universe, set in the realm of SE.RA.PH, you will take control of three different heroines, and the story will unfold through their independent perspectives (think Resident Evil 2, or Halo 2), combat is very reminiscent of Dynasty Warriors, or the more recent Hyrule Legends. It will release on The Nintendo Switch.

July 28 – Hey! Pikmin – A new version of the wildly popular Pikmin series, Once again hapless Captain Olimar has crashed his ship on a planet inhabited by Pikmin, and he will use their various abilities to help him in his quest to get off the planet. This 2D platforming take on the tried, and true Pikmin formula will release on the 3DS family of handhelds.


While the obvious standout is Final Fantasy, it’s hard to overlook the release of Splatoon 2 for the Switch, the addictive nature of its online multiplayer helped keep the Wii U relevant longer than it  probably should have been. I’ll be back in a couple weeks for August’s list, which should be a great month, with Ark: Survival Evolved, Tacoma, Hellblade, Uncharted, Lawbreakers, and the ubiquitous release of the yearly Madden offering taking center stage.



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