February 21, 2018 Author: Lou Federico


Aaaaaaaaaaand we’re back jabronies, for this article I’m gonna break kayfabe, and shoot straight with you all for a minute to discuss a new entrant into the party game scene, “Royal Rumble” (please don’t sue me Vince). That game….. Hailing from Durham, CT , at 7.5 inches long, and weighing in at 2.5 lbs….. SMACK TALK SHOWDOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Cue entrance music)


Smack Talk Showdown is the brainchild of Doubleturn Games. Their successful Kickstarter ended back in April of 2017. Then in what is akin to light speed in the Kickstarter universe, have already shipped the games to their backers. This speaks volumes to the determination and work ethic of these fine folks, as I am still waiting on projects I have backed for the better part of two years now. Smack Talk Showdown, much like its competition, is ridiculously simple to learn. However, UNLIKE many of its direct competitors it is actually FUN to play (I’m looking at you Cards Against Humanity).

I could get into the nuts and bolts of how an individual Segment (round) works, but I feel that takes away from the fun aspect of this game, so I’m going to do this a different way….

You all know Johnny Ganache (Left) and Lloyd “The Manster” (Right). They are going to play a Segment. First, they selected their names. Johnny was “Professor Lucious” and The Manster was The “Golden Flame”.

Fair Lady Ganache, who was the producer of this Segment drew the “Next Generation” Segment card. Which, as you can see above, takes place in Brussels, Belgium. The showdown involved a rebellious child acting out against their overbearing parent, and it was decided that Ganache would go first, and here is what transpired:

Now you may be wondering why Ganache started gyrating like a bad Elvis impersonator about halfway through his promo, this is the reason:

These are called “Smack Cards”. Smack Cards, which can be played at any time, modify the current promo. This forces the player to incorporate what the card says into their Smack Talk, often to hilarious results. Hence Johnny Ganache becoming Shakira Ganache.

Once Ganache finished, it was The Manster’s turn to cut a promo. At this point a truly professional reviewer would have recorded the “Golden Flame’s” response, but two things: 1) I am not a professional reviewer, and 2) (the real reason) I was laughing too damn hard to think about it. I straight up forgot to roll tape while it was happening.

Now in a smaller game (3-4 players), the producer would decide the Segment winner. In a larger game (5 or more) the other players, known as the audience, would vote on the winner. The first player to three segment victories is then crowned the champion. On this particular occasion we eschewed the written rules and decided that Ganache should win, and I hope you can see why. After all, those hips don’t lie.

Outside of the white lettering being a tad difficult to read on the yellow Segment cards, I have no other critiques of this game. Smack Talk Showdown is a raucous good time. It provides a ton of fun for people of ALL AGES, which is yet another important point to keep in mind, especially for those of you with children. Unlike many of its contemporaries you don’t have to worry about your children playing this game with a bunch of their friends, or using it in a family friendly game night. Kudos to Doubleturn for creating what I feel should be the premier entrant in the party game scene, I honestly cannot recommend it enough. Make sure to check out their website at where you can purchase your own copy for the ridiculously low price of $25.00.

*Please note: in the interest of full disclosure, Pint O’ Comics was provided a review copy of the game*

Until Next Time Everyone,

Be Good To One Another.

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