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What’s up everyone!! I took a slight break from this in June due to personal reasons, that and it was a pretty dead month, but July has some pretty cool stuff releasing that I wanted to call attention to. I also want to make it clear, that I have MADE SURE to include plenty of releases for the Switch for a certain person. I’m not saying who, but he’s a huge Nintendo fanboy whose name rhymes with MIKE FULLAM doesn’t get all over me. So without further ado:

July 10th:

Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy (X1, SWITCH, PC)


The N. Sane trilogy which already released on PS4 back in 2017, gets a full release on Xbox 1, PC and the SWITCH. This is a full remaster of the first 3 Naughty Dog developed games: Crash Bandicoot, Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes Back, and Crash Bandicoot: Warped. And, unlike Destiny 2, Publisher Activision didn’t screw this one up, enlisting industry veterans Vicarious Visions to helm the remakes.


MXGP Pro (PS4, X1, PC)


Ok, here is where I admit I have no idea about Motocross. I know it’s popular and there are a ton of games about it. Some (like the Trials Series) hew towards purely arcade bombast, others such as this one appear to “keep it real”. And in order to “keep it real”, developer Milestone has enlisted the help of 9 time MXGP champion Antonio Cairoli to get it right. I purposely chose a gameplay video as opposed to a flashy one specifically to highlight the impressive physics, it looks pretty cool if I do say so myself.


Shining Resonance Refrain (PS4, X1, SWITCH, PC)


Well here you go, it’s a JRPG. That means weird hair, super big eyes, completely implausible armor on all the female characters, and thigh high stockings. This one also happens to be a remastered version of the Japan-only game titled Shining Resonance which released back in 2014 on the PS3. The “Refrain” part of the title comes from a second story included in the game called “Refrain Mode”, which tells an alternate “what if” style story. There are also 2 additional playable characters (Excela and Jenious) and all 150 of the original games DLC will be available free of charge as well.


July 13th

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker (SWITCH, 3DS)


I can’t say it enough, the WiiU was a fantastic system, and completely underrated. There were so many quality games that came out on that system that never received their due, one of them was Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker. It was a super fun hybrid adventure / puzzle game. It is an absolutely perfect fit for the Switch as it plays well in either bite sized chunks or hours of grinding. I’m just glad that games like this are getting a second life on Nintendo’s super popular console.


Octopath Traveller (SWITCH)


This Square-Enix developed game was a highlight of both their completely underwhelming E3 showcase, and Nintendo’s video presentation. Just the fact that Square-Enix and Nintendo have fully made up, and are continuing to play nice nice is something to keep getting excited about. If “I Am Setsuna” and “Lost Sphear” were just them dipping their toes in the water, it looks like Octopath Traveller is Square diving head first into the deep end of supporting the Switch. This is a good thing people, a very good thing. Just remember where Final Fantasy started people. (hint: it wasn’t Sony)


July 17th

Sonic Mania Plus (PS4, X1, SWITCH)


Believe it or not all you younger readers, there was a time in gaming history where this game would have been completely unthinkable. SONIC THE HEDGEHOG on a NINTENDO platform, it was crazy talk. But, the fall of SEGA as a console manufacturer (Dreamcast was still one of the best systems ever made, and so far ahead of it’s time) necessitated these moves. While it has happened before (Sonic Lost World on the WiiU is a notable one) the thought of playing Green Hill Zone on a Nintendo system still weirds me out, but yet here we are. Complete with all new zones, a full host of remastered originals, and new playable characters, Sonic Mania will look to push the SWITCH’s “Blast Processing” to it’s limits. (if you don’t get that last joke reference you are under the age of 35 and need to read a book)


July 24th

The Banner Saga 3 and The Banner Saga Trilogy (PS4, X1)


The Banner Saga is quite honestly one of the best strategy games that I’ve played. It is also gorgeous to boot. I played the first one on IOS, where it was a match made in heaven for a touch screen, telling a Norse inspired story of a Caravan sent to fight an aincent warlike race known as The Dredge. Developer Stoic Was founded by 3 former members of BioWare, and the game features some telltale hallmarks such as multiple character stories, and events that may or may not happen in the game based upon player choice. If you have never played now is the perfect time to check it out!


Mega Man X Legacy Collection 1 and 2 (PS4, X1, SWITCH, PC)


The Blue Bomber, he is one of the flagship characters in Capcom’s stable, and an inseparable piece of Nintendo history. This collection takes all of his “X” adventures, and from what I’ve read recently, fixes the localization issues from X5 where they named all the bosses after weird Guns and Roses references. There is also a new “X Challenge Mode”, where you take on two bosses at the same time.


WarioWare Gold (3DS)


Another WiiU title gets a second chance at life, this time on the 3DS. WarioWare Gold is a collection of 300 micro games which will utilize all facets of the 3DS to complete. Not only are the WiiU micro games present and accounted for, but also ones from past handheld releases such as: WarioWare Inc: Mega Microgames (GBA), WarioWare: Twisted (GBA), and WarioWare: Touched! (DS) If you love WarioWare, and own a 3DS, this looks to be a no brainer.


Well there you have it everyone. I hope I made the Nintendo fans happy this month. As always this list isn’t comprehensive, as there are just too many games both indie and mobile that come out every month. Maybe some day, I’ll have a team of writers under me and I can assign them to different platforms,genre’s, and hell… maybe someday The Pint will fly me out to all the big shows so I can cover them in person…… Maybe someday…. : )


Until Next Time

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