January 22, 2018 Author: Lou Federico


Below is a small sampling of February’s upcoming video game releases, leading the charge are 2 HD remakes, a new entry into a long running franchise, and a Kickstarter project come good.

February 6 – Shadow of The Colossus (PS4) – Team Ico’s masterpiece gets it’s 2nd HD remake (it was previously re-released on PS3) Once again Bluepoint helms the update. The game looks as gorgeous as ever, and for anyone who hasn’t played it in either of it’s two previous incarnations owes it to themselves to give this one a look.

Feb 13 – Dynasty Warriors 9 (PS4, X1, PC) – Koei Tecmo’s long running Dynasty Warriors franchise gets a shiny new entry, if you’ve played any of the previous editions, you know what you’re getting: Massive Armies, Huge Combo’s, and Over The Top Action. New features with this iteration include a grappling hook for vertical traversal, and for the first time a true open world, with a map reportedly so large it takes 2-3 hours to cross it at it’s widest points!!!!

Kingdom Come Deliverance (P4, X1, PC) – originally launched on Kickstarter, Warhorse Studios’ labor of love is about to launch into the wild. This single player RPG features a true open world sandbox, and has a hard focus on period accuracy, going so far as to recruit the assistance of historians, and architects to recreate the in game castles.

Feb 15 – Secret of Mana – (P4, Vita, PC) – Secret of Mana originally launched on the SNES in 1993, and still goes down (in my book) as one of the greatest RPG’s of all time, and it makes me happy that a new generation will get to experience it for the first time.

Feb 20 – Metal Gear Survive – (P4, X1, PC) – Konami’s first foray with the Metal Gear franchise following the departure of Hideo Kojima. It is billed as a “Survival Adventure Game” and has the potential to either be a mashup of things that you never knew you wanted (like Hyrule Warriors) or the next E.T., getting itself buried in a New Mexico Landfill, only time will tell.

That’s about it for this month, I highly recommend giving Shadow of Colossus, or Secret of Mana a look, there is a reason why these games are still around all these years later, both are games that trancend the medium and are true pieces of art and in my opinion are worth your money.

Until Next Time, Be Good To Each Other

Lou (Skywalker) : )


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