G.I. Gary Does A Thing!!!!

February 1, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

Alright!!!! Everyone’s favorite G.I. Joe Enthusiast our very own G.I. Gary has returned to our YouTube channel to regale us with yet another well researched video.

This time he is repairing a Night Force Night Blaster, what in the heck that is I most certainly have NO idea, but I can tell you 2 things.

  1. It looks cool as hell -and-
  2. When it comes to this type of stuff there is no one more knowledgeable than our boy Gary. (of course I may be biased)

Long story short, I watched the video, and it is actually quite informative, why he didn’t just get the Night Blaster a prescription for Cialis I’ll never know, but nevertheless he shows you how to get the droop out.

Check The vid here:

Well done Gary!!! and welcome back!!!!!

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