Four Color Spotlight Episode 3!!!!

March 28, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

Holy Cow Everyone!!! it’s been a minute since yours truly has been wrapped up in Pint goodness. Unfortunately real life has a habit of invading our fun, and for a few weeks sacrifices needed to be made.

But nevertheless, I am back and trying to get caught up with all the stuff I have been meaning to do.

First up is Episode 3 of Four Color Spotlight, where these guys:

Take you through the Monthly Diamond Previews Catalog, and highlight some stuff you may want to add to your pull list.

Unfortunately as I write this, Diamond (due to the Covid-19 outbreak) has announced that they are halting all shipments to retailers, so expect some delays on many of these books, it’s sad, but wholly necessary to try and halt the spread of this horrible sickness, and to keep everyone safe and sound.

But in the meantime check out the video, and make sure that as soon as it is safe, you get to your LCBS and add some, if not all of them to your pull list!!!!

Until Next Time Everyone,

Be Good To Your Fellow Nerd (man it feels nice to type that again)


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