Chatting with Dave Dorman

November 7, 2015 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

Dave Dorman is widely known for his iconic images of Star Wars characters, Indiana Jones and even high-profile superheroes. Many fans are likely unaware that Dave has been working on a personal project for the better part of the last two decades under the overall title of THE WASTED LANDS.

The Wasted Lands are a post-apocalyptic setting with multiple influences from Western, science-fiction and fantasy genres. There is a decidedly ‘punk feel to the entire work, whether that is of the Cyber- or Steam- variety. In 2014, the current collection of the printed stories, THE WASTED LANDS OMNIBUS was published by Magnetic Press ( and was nominated for and Eisner Award. While talking with Dave over the NYCC 2015 weekend, he introduced me to his newest writing partner Mike Bawden and had a lot to say about future Wasted Lands projects.

While most of the published Wasted Land product found itself under a variety of banners and companies, Dave says that the current home is where it’ll stay. With the Eisner Award nomination, much more attention came to The Wasted Lands than ever before, reinvigorating the world building he’s had plotted out and expanding upon it. As such, a second volume of the Omnibus is on the way, with new, previously unpublished stories and additional details on the major characters, Edge, M. d’Cease and Iguana.

Mike feels most comfortable writing the character Iguana, as he feels his shoes are the easiest to fill. Many of The Wasted Lands stories are similar to Westerns, he says, which he grew up on and of which the base plot can be perfect for any genre. Dave loves all his creations for different reasons, whether they’re persona, action or belief. Since The Wasted Lands were Dave’s project to break away from others’ owned work, he’s looking forward to further adventures published from Magnetic.

After 25 years of producing paintings and covers for Star Wars projects at Dark Horse, Dave is still happily working on Star Wars characters. Fans of his work should be pleased to hear that Marvel has requested more covers from Dave, and that the collusion should continue. He says more superhero work could be coming as well. Dave hasn’t lost a step in his many years of professional comics work and seeing more, whether it’s Star Wars, Batman or The Wasted Lands, that’s a great thing.

Another piece written for the Bleeding Cool website during New York Comic Con 2015 that went unpublished. Dave’s art is above and beyond and shouldn’t be missed.

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