26 Comics that Affected Me

January 25, 2016 Author: Jon Johnson (Sir)

Spreading the word about excellent comic book series has always been a passion of mine. Typically I tend to focus on one or a small handful at a time, giving each a good amount of attention, hopefully sending some interested parties to them. For this, I’ll be picking a single title from each letter of the alphabet from my own collection. All titles will have been published as comic book series, not graphic novels. If they’re in print in some form currently, I’ll mention it.

That’s it, 26 comic titles that rattled my cage, all for the better. If you love the form as I do, go for back issue hunts at your Friendly Local Comic Store or on the interwebs, as needed. And before you Marvel readers complain, one of these days I mean to write a long winded love of the West Coast Avengers.


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