12/8/19 Radio Show With Mitch Hallock and Paul Kupperberg

December 11, 2019 Author: Lou Federico

12/8/19 was most certainly a notable show as “King Of The Nerds” Mitch Hallock from Terrificon (http://www.terrificon.com) and CT Gamer Con co-hosted with Sir Jon, as they interviewed longtime industry veteran Paul Kupperberg.

Kupperberg has certainly had a storied (pun intended) carrer not only as former Editor of DC Comics, but also as Executive editor of everyone’s favorite checkout tabloid “Weekly World News”

As an author at DC, he has written for such books as Superman, Action Comics, Super Girl, Checkmate, Green Lantern and Aquaman. He is also the author of “The Doom Patrol Sourcebook” and The Spider Man prose novels “Crime Campaign” and “Murder Moon”

Honestly I could spend the next two hours detailing everything he has done in his long and storied career, but I think it’s probably better if you listen to the show and get to know the man better.

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It’s also worth noting that WESU is currently celebrating their 80 Anniversary this year!!! and it is thanks to them that we are able to bring you these wonderful interviews that you just can’t hear anywhere else!!!

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