12/29/19 Radio Show With Michael Kelleher

January 5, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

Well I’m back from my holiday shenanigans, and with that come the return of a couple of features.

First off is my weekly rebroadcasting of the WESU radio program on our YouTube Channel, for the final show of 2019, the Jo(h)n’s were joined by multiple time guest, and longtime friend of The Pint, Michael Kelleher, the head honcho over at world famous comic restoration house “Kellustration”.

Michael has contracted with Marvel for decades, digitally restoring for publication (Under the brand of their “Marvel Masterworks” line) some of their most iconic characters and stories from the Avengers to Ghost Rider chances are if it is a silver bordered hardcover, Kellustration has had a hand in it.

Do yourself a favor and listen to the show here:

And if that tickles your fancy, do yourself a favor and scroll back through our YouTube Channel, and check out the other times he has been on the show. His stories of visiting the Marvel Vault, and the processes involved in restoring these iconic works is fascinating if you fancy yourself a fan of the 4 color.

Until Next Time Everyone,

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