1/05/2020 Radio Program With Very Special Guest Tom Ryan

January 11, 2020 Author: Lou Federico

This past Sunday we had longtime friend of The Pint, and talented local artist Tom Ryan http://www.tomryansstudio.com on the radio program. Co Hosted by yours truly (filling in for an ailing Sir Jon) the hour was spent deep diving not only into his creative process but also the life of a working artist and the con scene where he spends much of his time. It’s a wonderful listen especially if you are contemplating a future in the art field, being able to hear from the horse’s mouth what it’s like to live the “Art Grind” is most certainly an eye opening experience, for any aspiring artist.

As always this is just the audio file of the radio show (consider these shows “bonus Podcasts”), so feel free to throw on some headphones and listen while you are working, working out, or just cleaning the house.

Also don’t forget to peruse our channel for tons of other great interviews, I’m sure you will find something to suit your taste.

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